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The End-time of Consensus (26.4.12)

“The end-time of consensus is about to be consigned to history.

The end-time of consensus will prove to be unworkable,

                                            will prove to have outlived its functioning,

                                            will prove to be incompatible with that which is expected.

The end-time of consensus will see democracy retired,

                                            will see governments of man forsake the causes of dissent,

                                            will see the abandonment of religious persecution after the tribulation,

                                            will see the inauguration of Kingdom rule upon the earth with the instatement of The Father’s will,

                       as the prayer of discipleship is answered,

                       as The Son returns to reign in righteousness and peace with the blessing of The Father and the gathering of the bride.

The end-time of consensus will see the removal of the plotters,

                                                         the removal of the militarists,

                                                         the removal by destruction of the misfiring weapons so pointed at man,

                                                         the removal of the power bases borne of greed and cunning.

The end-time of consensus will not serve the mighty with overloaded prisons,

                                            will not serve conglomerates where mercy is unknown,

                                            will not serve cartels where pricing is sustained through competition under threat.

The end-time of consensus will not serve the men of yesterday who would preserve the status quo,

                                            will not serve the games of chance with predetermined outcomes,

                                            will not serve the managed storehouses where price is the release,

                                            will not serve the selfishness of man that seeks to spread the blame.

The end-time of consensus will not subdue the life of tyrants,

                                            will not confront those ignoring the call of hunger,

                                            will not address injustice hidden under other names,

                                            will not re-offer that which has been emptied of its value,

                                            will not retreat against a wave of protest,

                                            will not preserve the happiness of man.”


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