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The Judgment of God (25.5.12)

“The judgment of God brings fear unto the soul,

                                      brings fear unto the spirit,

                                      brings fear unto the countenance of man.

The judgment of God segregates and dissipates,

                                    sections and divides,

                                    impeaches and imprisons.

The judgment of God terminates and terrifies,

                                    silences and separates,

                                    gathers and gestates.

The judgment of God verifies and validates,

                                    casts and constricts,

                                    mandates and managers.

The judgment of God locates the ungodly of the earth,

                                    destroys the sinning of the present,

                                    sequesters the slate-bearer of the record.

The judgment of God verifies the vanquished,

                                    punishes the pugnacious,

                                    indicts the invidious.

The judgment of God lists the lascivious,

                                    reaps the rapacious,

                                    severs the salacious.

The judgment of God superimposes death upon a life,

                                   superimposes suffering on a station,

                                   superimposes torment on the tangible.

The judgment of God maximizes the savagery of the silent soul,

                                    maximizes the solitude of the silent spirit,

                                    maximizes the begging of the battered body.

The judgment of God minimizes the language of the liars,

                                    minimizes the might of the minority,

                                    minimizes the frailty of the fallacious.

The judgment of God circulates amidst the causes,

                                    navigates amidst the nervous,

                                    tabulates amidst the testimonies.

The judgment of God releases man among the rats,

                                    releases man among the residues,

                                    releases man among the retributions.

The judgment of God closes on the conflicts,

                                    closes on the captives,

                                    closes on the conspicuous,

                                    closes on the cautious,

                                    closes on the capitulated,

                                    closes on the conquered,

                                    closes on the concealed,

                                    closes on the contrite of confession.

The judgment of God closes on the estate of wisdom,

                                    closes on the estate of rewards,

                                    closes on the estate of inheritance:

                                    closes on the estates protected by the covenantal promises of God.”


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