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The Misery of Man (2) (31.8.12)

“The misery of man stems from his pressure to perform,

                                 stems from his heightened expectations,

                                 stems from his desire for pampering,

                                 stems from his thirst for addictive offerings,

                                 stems from his outlook on his fellow man,

                                 stems from comparisons of lifestyles so attained.

The misery of man is bred from his despising that which he has gained,

                                                                      that which he has achieved,

                                                                      that which he compares,

                                                                      that which he values,

                                                                      that which wastes his years,

                                                                      that which brings no satisfaction except on the day of purchase.

The misery of man serves no outlet but self-pity,

                                knows no king at home within a residence,

                                serves no king within a kingdom,

                                visits no king with kingdom living,

                                knows not a queen in waiting,

                                sees no princes in the wings.

The misery of man is not open to adoption,

                                shuts the door on visitors,

                                shouts in his frustration,

                                ignores the counsel of the wise,

                                seeks the solace of the fool,

                                drowns his sufferings by seeking the bottoms of a glass.

The misery of man curtails the search for happiness,

                                curtails a trip of joy,

                                curtails contact within a family,

                                curtails the care of self,

                                curtails the chatter of the children,

                                curtails the laughter in a home.

The misery of man is a child of depression,

                                is a child inflicted by an enemy of man,

                                is a child never seen in maturity,

                                is a child without a smile,

                                is a child of envy,

                                is a child of pride.

The misery of man is spawned through loss of hope,

                                is spawned through loss of vision,

                                is spawned through loss of youth,

                                is spawned through loss of relationship,

                                is spawned through loss of achievement,

                                is spawned through loss of freedom.

The misery of man can be observed within his eyes,

                                can be gauged from a selfish spirit,

                                can be measured by his walk,

                                can be assessed from the company he keeps,

                                can be determined from the input to his soul,

                                can be seen in his attitude to God.

The misery of man stews its own brew of bitterness,

                                stews its own brew of complaints,

                                stews its own brew of sour staleness,

                                stews its own brew to seal the darkness overhead,

                                stews its own brew for moping,

                                stews its own brew waiting for rancour to surface.

The misery of man turns cabbages into sauerkraut,

                                turns potatoes into mash,

                                turns dried peas into mush,

                                turns sunlight into nightmares,

                                turns love into hate,

                                turns the enemy of man into his friend.

The misery of man is a disappointment to God,

                                clears the thrones of prospective occupants,

                                destroys the lineage of kings,

                                beggars man to leave the promises incapable of fulfilment,

                                places the soul of man beyond the reach of kith and kin,

                                blames God for his weighty load of sin,

                                listens only to satanic counsel as bound to his freewill.

The misery of man can climb out of his cage,

                                can unlock the door of darkness,

                                                    has the key in hand to escape into the sunlight.

The misery of man can turn the trip around,

                                can pay attention to the call upon his life,

                                can decide to seek and serve.

The misery of man can become the exaltation of man in but a moment of understanding,

                                                                      in the shedding of the past,

                                                                      in the welcoming of a future,

                                                                      in the flash of inspiration which opens the pathway to the stars.

The misery of man is not intended to be a gnawing bone for devils,

                                is not intended to summit in despair,

                                is not intended to be a mark of failure.

The misery of man can be cleansed and polished,

                                can become reflective,

                                can have the blemishes removed,

                                can see the cracks and dents erased,

                                can bounce back whole and reinvigorated,

                                can sing the song of victory in the presence of The Lamb.”


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