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A New Prince is Born (23.7.13)

“A new prince has come unto a kingdom,

                        has come unto a family,

                        has come unto the expectations of the kingdom citizens.

A new prince who will abdicate his responsibilities,

                      who will abdicate his inheritance,

                      who will abdicate the crown in waiting,

                      who will abdicate in sacrifice for the greater good.

A new prince will know the path to kingship,

                      will know the way expected for him to tread,

                      will know the future of applause among the streets of honour,

                                                               among the streets of invitation,

                                                               among the streets of endeavour and of praise,

                                                               among the streets of approval and of authority bequeathed.

A new prince is born into a seat of royalty,

                                   into a  seat of history,

                                   into a seat already filled and overflowing,

                                   into a seat reserved for his succession.

A new prince is born into a seat which will not become a throne for his sole occupancy,

                                                           will not become a throne where he sits alone,

                                                           will not become a throne which bestows his inheritance as the vicar of My church,

                                                           will not be entrusted with the authority of God intermingled with the idol of freemasonry.

      For as such arise in pride so they are brought low.

      For as such proclaim so their mouths blaspheme.

      For as such protect their secrets so they condemn themselves.

      For as such acknowledge the faiths of man so they abjure The Living God.

      For as such confess their misplaced forms of worship so their figurehead is evident to the wise.

      For as such participate in the deeds of darkness so they earn the wrath of God awaiting revelation.”



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