My Scrolls

Downsizing so Smaller becomes Better (3.11.13)

“Release yourself from that which only brings frustration.

Let it go and consider it no more.

Open the path of joy which speaks both to your spirit and your soul.

Do not be dragged down by that outside your control or influence.

Set such aside for disposal in a trash can.

Clean by selection your home –

                                          of excess which lingers past its date of use.

Empty out the spaces which the past still seeks to fill.

Set a place for memories.

Be determined in evaluating need.

Be thoughtful in classifying wants.

Be considerate in the sharing of acquisitions.

Seek and sup at the table of My fare –

                                          where the gathering attracts your interest for the feeding of your spirit.

Seek a place where you can be at home,

                     where the extraneous do not impact on your senses,

                     where the thoughtful and the considerate share their life experiences with both care and understanding.

Now is the time to restructure the important things held dear to the heart,

                                                 those which well-served the past,

                                                                     clutter up the present,

                                                                     have little prospect of future use.

Do not dwell in the frenzy of the recent past,

                                      select and knowingly discard that of little use or application,

                                      keep that which My Spirit indicates as of worth within your family,

                                      do not change your mind moving discards to a pile for keeping –

                                                      those which have served their purpose yet can now still taint both the present and the future.

Be ruthless in selection that the sun may rise upon a smile,

                                   that the sun may arise with the blessings of the day,

                               that the sun may arise with the assertion of My Spirit,

                          that the sun may arise on a home of contentment in which the necessary are well placed and accessible for use.

Be free from the enslavement of that which you drag behind you.

Be free from the bindings of the past,

             from that which has been gathered and now just fills a void,

             from that which presents itself with queries as to placement and so gets moved again,

             from that which no longer actively serves the reason for its purchase in another place,

                                                                                                   in another time,

                                                         in another season of your family both in growth and in development with a right to claim.

      For such is the way to contentment in the life of man.

      For such brings the soul to bow unto the spirit.

      For such brings satisfaction along the pathway of discipleship under the tenets of God.”


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