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The Capacity of Man (9.8.12)

“The capacity of man is not a measure of his size,

                                    is not a gauging of his limits,

                                    is not an absorption of his details.

The capacity of man speaks of his prospects for development,

                                                  his grappling with success,

                                                  his handling of the worldly pride.

The capacity of man is known to God,

                                  is understood by God,

                                  is installed through God.

The capacity of man has a brain sized for great things,

                                                             for the achieving of his dreams,

                                                             for the reaching out beyond his body,

                                                             for the grasping of his goals,

                                                             for the understanding of eternity,

                                                             for his passage through the portals,

                                                             for the presence of transforming grace.

The capacity of man does not progress to wonders when rejecting of grace,

                                  does not use the stepping stones when a stone is missing,

                                  does not complete the journey when the goal is ill-defined,

                                                                   when the goal is un-defined,

                                                                   when the goal is non-defined,

                                                                   when the goal is stuck still on the default.

The capacity of man can enhance his objectives,

                                  can enhance his vision for his life,

                                  can enhance the options from the bronze through silver to the gold of man;

                                                                 from the clay through lead unto the bronze past iron to silver then the gold
                                                                                                                                               of God.

The capacity of man is not attained in fullness when failure is expected,

                                                                   when churlishness sustains,

                                                                   when the spirit hears the whimpers of the soul.

The capacity of man is sealed with the promises of God behind a golden door;

                                  needs the golden latchkey of Faith to open wide the access:

                                                                          through into the mansion of the promises.

The capacity of man knows no bounds when liberated from enslavement,

                                                               when set free on the pathway to discovery,

                                                               when walking in discipleship with the Spirit’s leading.

The capacity of man is open-ended,

                                  is unlimited,

                                  is from the foresight of the loving God.”


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