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The Choices of Man (15.10.13)

“The choices of man are often not within the will of God.

The choices of man are often not considered with eternity in mind,

                                 are often delayed until convenient,

                                 are often pragmatic to best suit the self,

                                 are often motivated by his bent for entertainment,

                                 are often selected with his purse in mind.

The choices of man vary on the day,

                                 vary with his emotions,

                                                 his feelings,

                                                 his outlook on perception.

The choices of man vary with his environment –

                                                           the heatwave and the cold spell,

                                                           the windstorm and the calm,

                                                           the downpour and the drought.

The choices of man should be tested at the footstool of the will of God:

                                                                           within the envelope of grace,

                                                           as witnessed by His favour,

                                                           as brought unto man’s spirit,

                                                           as guided as if a lamp before his feet,

                                                           as affirmed by the counselling of his soul.

The choices of man cannot be aligned to the will of God if such is never sought.

The choices of man cannot conform to the will of God if there is no relationship of honour.

The choices of man cannot accept the will of God if there is no fear of God embedded in the heart.

The choices of man may reflect constant repetition,

                                 may seem as if arising from the mire within a muddy puddle,

                                 may lead to failure of compensation as such becomes past due,

                                 may lead to shortness of breath as exertion places life at risk.

The choices of man can hamper man in his progress to a goal within mortality,

                                 can restrict man in his levels of attainment,

                                 can reduce man to a former shadow of himself,

                                 can impair man in restricting his coming and his going,

                                 can defeat man as burdens load him to collapse under duress,

                                 can withdraw from God as man’s tongue vilifies the sacred and divine.

The choices of man are not labelled in order of priority,

                                 do not come presented subject to inspection,

                                 often show no accurate insight to the future,

                                 commonly are borne upon deception,

                                                   are carried upon a lie,

                                                   are made without due consideration where wisdom is required.

The choices of man can vacuum up the dust with the dirt in the search for scattered pearls,

                                 can drop the case for evaluation in the swamp of quicksand from where it will not resurface,

                                 can be muddled in a bowl which swirls the fare beyond the reach of common sense,

                                 can reach out for the unattainable in the over eagerness of self-assertiveness.

The choices of man can set a victim on a pedestal,

                                 can splash a canvas with much paint,

                                 can drag a child into his manhood,

                                 can lead a youth into the sunlight of the father.

The choices of man can supervise and harness the wilful walk of man,

                                 can exemplify and master the righteous walk of man,

                                 can lead in developing the discipled walk of man.

The choices of man display his wisdom in achieving his showcase of mortality –

                                                                                      the walking with The Lord on his journey home –

                                                                                      the walking of return to the family of God –

                                                                                      the walking into The Son Rise which lights eternal life.

The choices of man can attest to the spirit’s glow,

                                                 to the soul in acquiescence,

                                                 to the body preparing for renewal:

                                                 to the walk within mortality which selects an assured destiny.

The choices of man should ensure his walk on earth is established as the precursor of his walk in the company of God –

                                                with all God has in preparation to honour the very images of God as dwell within their temples.”


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