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The Clavicles of Grace (21.7.12)

“The clavicles of grace are the coat hangers of the gowns of God,

                                                           of the gowns of life,

                                                           of the gowns befitting purity both of thought and of surroundings.

The clavicles of grace are the architecture for the new body of man as founded for eternity.

The clavicles of grace resize and stretch,

                                    compress and squeeze,

                                    enlarge and expand,

                                    always fit each gown of inheritance,

                                    always permit free passage,

                                    always permit freedom of movement,

                                    always impel at the speed of thought.

The clavicles of grace conform with the intellect of man.

The clavicles of grace confer the ability to change,

                                                the ability to process,

                                                the ability to enact the senses,

                                                the ability to navigate dimensions,

                                                the ability to share,

                                                the ability to exhibit multi-presence,

                                                the ability to dwell within the heavens and the presence of God.

The clavicles of grace do not need recharging,

                                    ride the rails of energy undefiled by use,

                                    can travel faster than movement can be realised,

                                    can decode the messaging of the surroundings as directed with specifics.

The clavicles of grace know the expressways and the byways,

                                    know the locations deemed inestimable by God,

                                    know the masterpieces installed for man to visit,

                                    know the clavicles of linkage arising from mortality,

                                    know the clavicles of beings as they comprise the hosts.

The clavicles of grace know the clavicles of God within the family of God.

The clavicles of grace oscillate at frequencies beyond man’s present understanding,

                                    can fit them to the current dimensions of enclosure,

                                    know the means of entry,

                                    know all the books within the library,

                                    understand the data trails,

                                    comprehend the riding of the pathway formed from the homing beams of light.

The clavicles of grace have multi-access to communications,

                                    have multi-media readily available,

                                    have recordings ready for replaying,

                                    have memories at instant recall.

The clavicles of grace offer access to the music of the heavens,

                                                        to the choirs of angels,

                                                        to the singing with one accord,

                                                        to the wisdom of the ages built upon the envelopes of man,

                                                        to the wisdom of God built upon His eternal love.”


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