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The Dependencies of Man (1.9.12)

“The dependencies of man make man far from as independent as he would often think:

                                            fill man with assumptions which may or may not be true;

                                            travel round in circles with the interlocking of the sphere;

                                            see familiarity raise levels of contempt;

                                            have the life stations working hard to preserve the levels of support for man;

                                            know the onset of the scrambling to maintain the viability of man.

The dependencies of man are many and varied,

                                          originate for both the short term and the long term of man,

                                          keep man alive and comfortable upon his home within the firmament of God.

The dependencies of man lie beyond his beck and call,

                                          lie beyond the reach of his impatient hand,

                                          lie beyond the effectiveness of his voice of desperation.

The dependencies of man have feedback loops in place:

                                          have feedback loops of augmentation;

                                          have feedback loops to prevent wastage from a surplus;

                                          have feedback loops for continuation;

                                          have feedback loops assessing errors in the standard deviation;

                                          have feedback loops under the guiding hand of God.

The dependencies of man care for man beyond his comprehension,

                                                   beyond the existence of his knowledge,

                                                   beyond the application of his time containment.

The dependencies of man overlook man’s plighting of his troth,

                                          overlook the keeping of his word,

                                          overlook man’s fitness for an extended journey of renown.

The dependencies of man reverberate around his homeland,

                                          reverberate towards the stars,

                                          reverberate in the lodging place of angels,

                                          reverberate in the heavens administered by God.

The dependencies of man reverberate with the timing for review,

                                          reverberate in expectation of the installing of new settings,

                                          reverberate to call to notice the coming aeon of great change.”


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