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The Doorway of Mercy (8.10.13)

“The doorway to eternity is soon to open in mortality,

                                          is soon to open prior to the grave,

                                          is soon to open within the sight of man,

                                          is soon to open for the bride.

The doorway of mercy as it opens sees the shutting of the door of grace –

                                                                    with the fall of the sounding-board of faith.

The doorway of mercy as it opens sees the veil withdrawn from eternity with knowledge to the fore –

                                                                                                            as the bema of the mercy seat becomes exposed.

The doorway of mercy as it opens sees the entrance of The King coming for His bride.

The doorway of mercy serves the multitudes at large,

                                                 the multitudes surviving the end-time tribulation,

                                                 the multitudes with faith and grace no longer relevant,

                                                              with the new covenant no longer open to acceptance.

The doorway of mercy will be well trodden by the multitudes,

                                                                       by those seeking mercy for their deeds,

                                                                                           mercy for the accumulation of their sin,

                                                                                           mercy for their spoken words –

                                                                                                       both in blasphemy and in lies.

The doorway of mercy is not repetitive in its access,

                                      is not repetitive in its functioning,

                                      is not repetitive in its assessments of validity.

The doorway of mercy is not subject to assault,

                                      is not subject to being violated,

                                      is not subject to proclamations,

                                      is not subject to relief from justice,

                                      is neither subject to appeal nor to parole upon a sentence that carries no injustice,

                                      is not subject to any other jurisdiction.

The doorway of mercy operates in the bounds of man’s enlightened freewill,

                                      operates within the edicts of The Lord,

                                      operates where lies are quickly known,

                                      operates where the intent of every heart is known,

                                      operates so justice is not imperilled,

                                      operates where the merciful are heard.

The doorway of mercy is numerous in its placements near the seats of justice,

                                      functions similarly to one another,

                                      evaluates and determines,

                                      rejects the dissimulators,

                                      hearkens to injustice.

The doorway of mercy examines the presence of opprobrium,

                                      examines those caught in a network of deceit,

                                      examines the outcomes where injustice may be a by-product.


The doorway of mercy knows and witnesses to the truth in matters of confusion,

                                                                                   in matters with tiered applications,

                                                                         in matters inherited from the past where injustices were wrought.

The doorway of mercy testifies of the functioning of God,

                                      testifies of calling to account,

                                      testifies of wrongful death so brought by man,

                                      testifies within the morality of God,

                                      testifies where injury and violence had no right to be,

                                      testifies so the innocent may be reclaimed from their suffering –

                                                                                        with reparation for when they were made a victim.

The doorway of mercy does not consider mercy where grace is already present,

                                      does not permit infractions against the innocent,

                                      does not allow a victim to suffer from incapacitation.

The doorway of mercy receives such from The Loving God:

                                      receives such that justice may prevail,

                                      receives such that violence and dishonour may decline within the experience of man,

                                      receives such that righteousness with peace pervade the multitudes of man.”


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