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The Embarking on A Journey (2.8.12)

“Embarking on a journey is sometimes not easy to achieve,

                                          is sometimes fraught with perils,

                                          is sometimes needing of resources,

                                          is sometimes out of time,

                                          is sometimes not worth the effort,

                                          is sometimes retracing footsteps,

                                          is sometimes very rewarding to the spirit and the soul:

                                                                                             with a sojourn in a land of wonders.

Embarking on a journey requires foresight for the laws of man,

                                        requires insight for the counselling of God.

Embarking on a journey speaks of the distant lands of man,

                                        speaks of the promised land of God.

Embarking on a journey bespeaks a destination where the soul desires to wander,

                                                                             where the spirit has a preference.

Embarking on a journey may preclude return,

                                        may lead forever onwards,

                                        may continue past the gates of praise,

                                                              past the courts of praise.

Embarking on a journey can satisfy a longing,

                                        can satisfy a quest for sourcing distant images,

                                        can satisfy the search for living water from the oases fed by God.

Embarking on a journey testifies of a commitment,

                                        verifies an intent,

                                        so defies the gainsayers and the soothsayers who would inhibit.

Embarking on a journey should excite both the soul and the spirit in the absence of trepidation.

Embarking on a journey can bring into achievement the desires of the heart,

                                                                                    the inspections of the soul,

                                                                                    the victory of the spirit with the close companionship of God.

Embarking on a journey may see a grave approaching,

                                        may see a grave receding,

                                        may see the mournful drying eyes,

                                        may see the once mournful laughing in the son-light.

Embarking on a journey is best put into the hands of God,

                                        is best left for the vistas known to God,

                                        is best walked by a temple infused with The Spirit of The Living God.

Embarking on a journey should be prepared to note the way stations of The Lord –

                                                                                   the turning points of life;

                                                                                   the divine appointments;

                                                                                   the testimonies and solace;

                                                                                   the sighting of the signs and wonders;

                                                                                   the participation in the miracles of God –

                           those which may not have been presented in the absence of the body soul and spirit prevented from embarking.

Embarkation is the tipping point of God;

                      is when His Spirit goes before –

                      is kept busy with the doors;

                      is when grace flows in abundance and the sufferers know rest;

                      is when the healing balm of Gilead pervades and pain is vanquished with its signing of intent.


        when God smiles upon His people and meets them in their tents;

        when God blesses His people and shows them through His temples;

        when God promises His people of a destiny and accompanies them on their way.”


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