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The Eternity of God (23.7.12)

“The eternity of God is not an existence filled with the dilemma of idleness,

                                   is not an existence filled with searching for the reason to justify the being,

                                   is not an existence built upon surroundings remaining static,

                                   is not an existence where jobs are allocated out upon request,

                                   is not an existence commensurate with the mortality of man,

                                   is not an existence where boredom is the enemy of man.

The eternity of God is filled with the storytelling of creation:

                                              with the participation of creation,

                                              with the recreation of creation,

                                              with the learning of creation,

                                              with the responsibility of creation,

                                              with the justice of creation,

                                              with the life-blood of creation,

                                              with the rectitude of creation.

The eternity of God is the backdrop for the garden party of creation,

                                                                         both of the presence greeted and of the absence noted.

The eternity of God is consistent with the information tendered,

                                      does not vary with time,

                                 is the home of concepts unknown to mortal man,

                                 is the future within the past,

                                 is the past within the future,

                                      is both within the present.

The eternity of God can run time as it pleases,

                                 can still time as it pleases,

                                 can have a viewpoint dependent on a declaration as to the start and end,

                                                                                           as to the continuation of the present,

                                                                                           as to the continuation being absent.

The eternity of God is filled with great joy and endeavour,

                                              with great celebrations and achievements,

                                              with great movements and appearances.

The eternity of God is filled with all the things of God,

                                              with all the beings of God,

                                              with all the settings of God.

The eternity of God is filled with all the imaginings of God readied for disclosure unto the face of all who love Him.

The eternity of God is as a supermarket without end:

                                 where every aisle is filled with new visions worth investigation,

                                                                           with new relationships to birth,

                                                                           with new protocols to learn,

                                 where the footnotes to the stars can be amended by a visit,

                                                                            can be moved by a word,

                                                                            can be enthroned for life,

                                                                            can be instances of freewill –

                                                           yet capable of exhibiting great purity when mediated by God.”


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