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The Faith of Man (26.7.12)

“The gradient of life gets steeper with ascent.
The gradient of life becomes more even with a crowd.

The gradient of life widens as it flattens with descent.

The gradient of life measures the development of life,

                                measures the intensity of life,

                                measures the level of intelligence,

                                                the becoming self-aware,

                                                the active use of weapons,

                                                the expression of emotions,

                                                the seeking of comfort for an injury,

                                                the acknowledging of counsel,

                                                the social order as achieved,

                                                the means of reproduction,

                                                the method of dispersion,

                                                the time spent by the young in immaturity.

The gradient of life has man lifted up and out of reach,

                                has man fallen and left for dead,

                                records the conflicts found in status,

                                             the conflicts in procurement,

                                             the conflicts of consumption,

                                             the conflicts present in accumulating gain,

                                                              in achievement in the face of least effort,

                                                              in wealth not seen as out of reach.

The gradient of life is influenced by the gradient of games,

                                                     by the gradient of homes,

                                                     by the gradient of livelihoods,

                                                     by the gradient of education of the young,

                                                     by the gradient of modes of travel,

                                                     by the gradient of selection as a spouse,

                                                     by the gradient of the welfare of a family,

                                                     by the gradient of commitment to a covenant.

The gradient of life has the gradient of evil embedded,

                                awaits the grafting in of the gradient of righteousness enamoured of freewill.

The gradient of evil fills the headlines with despair,

                                                          with infamy,

                                                          with fortunes of the cursed.

The gradient of righteousness is without slope,

                                                 is a straight and level line throughout existence,

                                                 is pre-empted for the headline space,

                                                 is content with a byline in the eaves,

                                appears when evil is absent from the voice deserving of the attention of man.

The gradient of righteousness is drawn when righteous faith is conspicuously installed within the spirit and the soul.

Faith holds its ground before the blows of evil un-contained.

Faith is dragged into the mire by the dirges of the evil;

Faith is shrugged off by the passers-by;

Faith is not acknowledged by the sinful with intent.

Faith evaporates when faced with the ravages of man;

Faith weakens on viewing the battlefields of man;

Faith expires where encouragement is absent;

Faith deserts when attracted by understanding;

Faith cries out for comfort when sequestered;

Faith becomes unknown when generations do not hear a testimony.

Faith dissipates in the absence of the blood;

Faith is insulated when communication fails;

Faith wanders to and fro when the way is lost.

Faith lies unrewarded when the race lies uncompleted;

Faith is not on lips when it is most needed.

Faith is surrendered by a willing heart;

Faith is usurped upon consent.

Faith is built upon the headlines of good news.

Faith arises upon stirring;

Faith commits on proclamation;

Faith consumes on receiving of the fire;

Faith builds on immediacy of the answer;

Faith increases with the sound of thunder.

Faith is magnified by the reading of the word;

Faith is upheld by two or three together;

Faith is unbridled as the white horse rider searches for the arrows;

Faith is set free when The Lion of Judah roars;

Faith is acclaimed in the presence of The Spirit;

Faith is sought when the road is filled with rocks;

Faith is enhanced on stories of success.

Faith grows by leaps and bounds with the witnessing of miracles;

Faith is there in excess at divine appointments;

Faith grows with healing answered prayer;

Faith achieves great victories in the lands of idols;

Faith magnifies where abilities cannot aid;

Faith supplies when asked.

Faith increases with a need;

Faith overcomes when met with confrontation;

Faith hears the tongues of Heaven instructing the spirit and the soul;

Faith envelops as love conquers all;

Faith stands straight before the downtrodden;

Faith is upright beside those calling for support.

Faith is beckoned as the gifts are deployed;

Faith beckons as the gifts are employed;

Faith confirms as angels form a circle;

Faith is present in each temple of The Spirit;

Faith supports an answer to a need made known.

Faith holds dear the promises of God;

Faith attends the spoken word of God,

         presents in righteousness,

         upholds in holiness,

         blossoms with each spirit in communication with his God for the welfare of each soul.

Faith is going to arise from the trials of man,

                                    from the end-time need for faith,

                                    from the encouragement of God.”


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