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The Firestorm of My Spirit (8.9.12)

“The firestorm of My Spirit spreads throughout the earth,

                                              encounters My servants with their faith,

                                              encounters the multitudes in their numbers transfixed with fear and lack of comprehension,

                                              encounters the creatures of the earth with puzzlement and wariness.

The firestorm of My Spirit is a sovereign act of God,

                                            is the visitation of mankind,

                                            is the testing for any and every sign of faith present on the earth,

                                            is a busy time for angels marking up their slates with those deciding to seek grace,

                                            is a time of terror for those with a destiny of default.

The firestorm of My Spirit is not fuelled by alcohol,

                                            is not fuelled by combustion of a source,

                                            is not fuelled by the weather at its driest,

                                            is not fuelled by brush fires lit by man,

                                            is not fuelled by the works of Satan.

The firestorm of My Spirit is fuelled by the will of God:

                                            is fuelled by the activity of My Spirit,

                                            is fuelled by the consent of The Father,

                                            is fuelled within the oversight of The Son.

The firestorm of My Spirit ravages and fuses,

                                            purifies and melds,

                                            melts and circumcises:

                                                        the hearts and souls of man.

The firestorm of My Spirit travels at amazing speed,

                                            travels with the sunrise,

                                            travels unto completion at the sunset.

The firestorm of My Spirit brings the wrath of God down upon the earth.

The firestorm of My Spirit leaves no stone unturned where man may hide,

                                            leaves no cabin of security with immunity,

                                            leaves no repudiator in the flesh untouched and passed over,

                                            leaves no sanctuary of man intact and untested.

The firestorm of My Spirit changes the makeup of the multitudes,

                                            prepares them for a new beginning,

                                            removes the dross of man standing in denial,

                                                                                       hiding with his fear,

                                                                                       brandishing his weapons,

                                                                                       protecting his gold,

                                                                                       beseeching his idols,

                                                                                       chasing after shadows.

The firestorm of My Spirit is seen quartering the earth,

                                            is seen riding the red horse,

                                            is seen assailing the strongholds of Satan,

                                            is seen vanquishing his followers,

                                            is seen accomplishing the cleansing of the earth of those bowing in fealty before the prince of darkness.

Red Horse

The firestorm of My Spirit is as a flash of lightning targeting the sin;

                                            is as the rumble of the heavens quieting an insurrection –

                                                                                              the breakouts of rebellion –

                                                                                              the poisoning of the souls;

                                            is as the hand of God checking imperfections;

                                            is as The Spirit of God sifting and verifying the faithful and the faithless.

The firestorm of My Spirit fights the battles of My Spirit:

                                            fights at Armageddon,

                                            fights in the valley of Megiddon,

                                            fights where sin is rampant,

                                            fights where sin has been unyoked,

                                            fights where sin is manifesting to the detriment of My saints.”


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