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The Friendships of Man (11.9.13)

“The friendships of man are often wary and unconciliatory under the strain of issues tied to health,

                                                                                                     of issues tied to wealth,

                                                                                                     of issues tied to stealth:

                                                                                            where warning signs are not immediately apparent,

                                                                                            where the loss is sudden and unforeseen,

                                                                                            where an attack on rectitude is unexpected yet effective.

The friendships of man are not established lightly,

                                      are cautious in approach,

                                      are in retreat upon a hurt,

                                      are damaged by rejection,

                                      are intended to survive the grave.

The friendships of man are tested from many perspectives,

                                      are not affirmed by a handclasp of declaration,

                                      are not affirmed by a lie embedded in a memory,

                                      are not affirmed by a lack of attention when it is most needed.

The friendships of man are trivialised when centred on self-promotion:

                                      then have foundations built on straw;

                                                          see the calls ignored while current;

                                                          see fewer visits on the timeline of a friendship;

                                                          see an initial friendship become but an acquaintance of the day.

The friendships of man can last a lifetime,

                                      can last a season,

                                      can result in mourning for that which has been lost.

The friendships of man can extend unto his pets of trust,

                                      can extend unto the animals for which he cares,

                                      can extend across the distances as families move or expand.

The friendships of man are magnified by love,

                                      are magnified as a history develops,

                                      are magnified as families grow together,

                                      are magnified through shared experiences –

                                        ones surviving through the storms so to flower in the sunlight of great joys.

The friendships of man see personalities interact,

                                      see characters of like interests,

                                      see kindred spirits resting at their ease,

                                      sees souls drawn to one another because of shared beliefs,

                                                                                          because of shared goals,

                                                                                          because of shared knowledge of the past and wisdom for the future.

The friendships of man answer a call for help,

                                      answer a need for food upon a table,

                                      answer a call where counsel is required,

                                      answer a call for a season in a life,

                                      answer a call for comfort in a loss.

The friendships of man are bound within the will of man to his fellow man;

                                      are bound by the will of man to his loving God;

                                      are bound through the three-way stranded cord which weaves honour and integrity intermixed with love:

                                                                     this as a standout sign pointing to the heavens from where eternity is shared.”


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