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The Generosity of Man (7.11.13)

“The generosity of man is not without reward –

                                      as the accounts of heaven would be updated by his tithes and fruits –

                                      as they may be gathered into the storehouse of The Lord:

                                      as the windows of heaven illuminate the storehouse of The Lord,

                                      as My word is spread by My servants drawing from the storehouse of The Lord.

The generosity of man may contribute to my fare laid upon my table:

                                                                                            where the multitudes of man may so dine and feast.

The generosity of man may pay the fares of man incurred by My servants,

                                     may pay the expenses attributed to their movements,
                                                                                         to their feeding and to their accommodation both of the day and

                                                                                                                                                                                    of the night.

The generosity of man can soften the responsibility of those who guard the purse strings of My church,

                                                                                   of those who would balance the weight against demand,
                                                                                   of those charged with administering the funding along the guidelines

                                                                                                                                                            established for My church –

                             in meeting the needs of those who come before Me in honour and in righteousness:

                                                                                                                                    from their history with a lamb.

The generosity of man forms a beacon in the sky,

                                     centres a spotlight before his footsteps,

                                     lights the trail he treads in righteousness.

The generosity of man can endow his blessings upon the grateful,

                                     can share more than he is asked,

                                     can know his treasure and where he would want it stored,

                                     can seek the affirmation of God as a relationship establishes.

The generosity of man does not close his hands upon a hoard,

                                     does not rejoice at an increase in his wealth,

                                     is wise to acknowledge the source from whence it came,

                                     becomes aware of to whom it should belong.

The generosity of man startles the unjust,

                                     surprises the greedy,

                                     can lighten the way forward for the stars of God.

The generosity of man becomes familiar with the generosity of God,

                                     becomes familiar with the objective of his life,

                                     becomes familiar with the target which enlarges on approach,

                                     becomes familiar with the guidance and the directions of The Lord.

The generosity of man does not succumb to envy,

                                     does not become a victim of false pride,

                                     does not wait upon the liars,

                                     does not frequent the presence of the drunkards,

                                     does not place wagers on the tables weighted to select a winner.

The generosity of man should deal in truth and righteousness,

                                     should honour both God and man,

                                     should testify of his encounters and of what The Lord has done.

The generosity of man can surface at The Spirit’s counsel,

                                     can encounter the voice of God,

                                     can carry a potential temple where e’er he goes,

                                     can prefer the light to the darkness,

                                     can be aware of the call upon his life.

The generosity of man becomes stable and selective,

                                     becomes equipped with wisdom built on the gifts of God,

                                     becomes fluent in his tongues,

                                     becomes pure in his speech,

                                     becomes a recipient of grace,

                                     becomes known as a son of God.”


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