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The Glory on Man (1.9.12)

“The glory on man is an attribute of presence,

                                is an attribute transcending jurisdictions:

                                is an attribute present in the mortality of man in the company of his spirit;

                                is an attribute present in the eternity of man in the company of his spirit.

The glory on man is on his countenance when in the presence of The God of Love,

                                                             as My Spirit leads in worship,

                                                             as The Father attends upon His throne of grace.

The glory on man is not starved for affection,

                              is not starved by Satan standing on a rock that rocks,

                              is not starved when perception is to the fore and the background is confused.

The glory on man speaks a different language,

                              speaks the language of God,

                              speaks the language not uttered through the mouth,

                              speaks the language for which man is intended,

                              speaks the language in which the lips and tongue are both stilled and stationary.

The glory on man needs his time of preparation to attain fulfilment of experience,

                                                             to obtain fluency of expression,

                                                             to reach the higher level of reality required by a jump from time.

The glory on man is on those who know their God,

                              is on the saints of God,

                              is on the multitudes of God,

                              is on the disciples of The Son,

                              is marked as for the bride.

The glory on man neither oscillates nor fluctuates,

                              only intensifies as it reflects,

                              only magnifies the pure and the spotless,

                              only signs the presence of the willing servants of The Lord.

The glory on man is not seen when looking in a mirror,

                              is not there upon enquiry,

                              is not to the fore when pride is seen to linger for acceptance.

The glory on man breaks the language barrier imposed on man,

                              prepares him for a walk of wonder with instant access and response,

                              sets him on the voyage of discovery fully able and familiar with the language of God.

The glory on man discerns the prepared and the unprepared,

                                            those who progress the tongues of heaven and those who place them in a waiting basket,

                                            those crossing into new horizons and those settling for the dawn and dusk,

                                            those who learn to interpret while they speak and those still overcome with the wasting fear of man.

The glory on man awaits the adventuring of man,

                              awaits the progress in his preparation,

                              awaits the call to hearken and to transmit on the oscillations known to God,

                              awaits the growth in the spirit’s knowledge to open the door with access:

                                                     to the multi-way communication of the soul with his waiting God.”


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