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The Incubators of Man (1.8.12)

“The incubation of man is designed to be upon the earth,

                               is designed to be within the womb,

                               is designed to be within mortality:

                                                                     exits from the grave as a fledgling of the universe for maturity with God.

The incubation of man imparts wisdom,

                                 imparts knowledge of his being,

                                 imparts freewill choice,

                                 establishes a character,

                                 shepherds within a family,

                                 disciples within a kingdom,

                                 matures for eternity.

The incubation of man,

               the preparation of man,

                             is but a flicker of an eyelid,

                             is but the passing of a gnat,

                             is but a flash of lightning –

                                       as a duration of the time of man when viewed from the prospect of eternity. 

The incubators of man are posts of learning with the transmission of understanding,

                                 are there to testify in truth,

                                 are there not to corrupt the servicing of the growth of man.

The incubators of man should not divert the eyes of man from addressing the heavens to a duckpond filled with algae,

                                                                           from the morality of God to the ethics of man,

                                                                           from the edifice of God to the constructions of man,

                                                                           from the truth of God to the lies of man.

The incubators of man should not promote the lie inherent in evolution as if the truth of man –

                             until each promoter can reproduce the trial,

                                        with nothing but the chemicals of earth before the dawn of life,

                                                  thereby bringing to pass the creation of life itself:

                                                           within the reproductive species which need to grow and feed.

Beware the incubators of random theories based on the evolution of man.

Beware of those forsaking,

                          when it suits them,

               the relationship of cause and effect within the time lines established by man:

                                                                  for his attempting understanding of the mysteries of God.

Beware the charlatans who start with life established,

                                who dissect it for a splice,

                                who would seek to cheat their ways into the halls of fame.

Beware the risks to the disruption of the stability of life as man meddles for his season in things beyond his measure
of control or comprehension.

Beware the ore within the earth with its potential to become a bicycle,

                                                    without a designer and constructor so the ore remains as ore,

                                                             where cause and effect are no longer treated as a wedded pair.

Beware the bicycle when left alone decays back to its ore to lie again amongst the dust.

Beware of the facets of creation which pre-empt the whole of man’s reality based as arising –

                                     within unaided time alone –

                                               from the soup,

                                                       within a kitchen without guidance,

                                                                  and to thereby attain the magnificence of being self-aware.

For such as this defies the logic of simplicity,

            as man,

                     forsaking common sense,

                             promotes his theorem of evolution as a fact of life:

                                             his theorem of the species which cannot self-start;

                                             his theorem which fails to create the hinge of life on which the theorem swings;

                                             his theorem with no flashpoint of ignition,

                                                                          no fuel on which to feed;

                                             his theorem without a basal cause:

                                                                               recording via observation a preferential part of the assumed effect,

                                                                                                        and interpolates the rest.”


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