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The Joy of The Lord (7.9.12)

“The joy of The Lord is for the accompanying of man,

                                   is the gift of declaration,

                                   is the encourager of companionship,

                                   is the happiness of the soul,

                                   is the rejoicing of the spirit,

                                   is the glow of glory which attracts the soul in anguish.

The joy of The Lord is concentrated in His bride in waiting,

                                  is dispensed from a joy filled heart,

                                  is handed on by contact built on understanding,

                                  is present in excess upon the body soul and spirit within the unity of God.

The joy of The Lord is developed upon reflection of the peace of God,

                                  is developed within a field of gratitude,

                                  is developed in a close relationship with God.

The joy of The Lord repels the attacking of demons in concert,

                                  repels the efforts of yesterday lingering to subdue,

                                  chases forward out of influence that expected on the morrow.

The joy of The Lord is dwelt in with delight,

                                  rests within a safe harbour where storms cannot penetrate,

                                  is for attracting moths unto a searchlight of the night,

                                  is for attracting sparrows unto the bread laid for the day.

The joy of The Lord broadcasts to the world,

                                  broadcasts a different way of life:

                                  broadcasts the love of God unto a hungry world at large,

                                  broadcasts the presence of My Spirit with the guidance of the feet,

                                  broadcasts the readiness of the tongue with the message from the throne of grace,

                                  broadcasts the willingness of God to extend a helping hand,

                                  broadcasts the presence of the living water of which others stand in need.

The joy of The Lord has no call of fragmentation,

                                  has no call of disunity,

                                  has no call of pride,

                                  has no call of deception,

                                  honours only truth with love.

The joy of The Lord does not carry chaperones,

                                  knows well The Holy Spirit from the presence of the thrones.

The joy of The Lord confesses and testifies,

                                  is always on the lips,

                                  is readied for divine appointments,

                                  has access to the answers for the questions of the day.

The joy of The Lord dwells in the field of grace next to the field of love,

                                  plays in the paddock of relationships where the boundaries are constricted,

                                  jumps the fence of trials to investigate the field of mountains filled with the weary travellers,

                                  encourages escape into the paddock where relationships are sound:

                                                                                                                             are reliable,

                                                                                                                             have integrity,

                                                                                                                             are taught to all who choose to enter.

The joy of The Lord puts a skip into a step,

                                  puts a song upon the lips,

                                  puts a hug into the arms,

                                  puts a smile upon a face,

                                  puts a gift into a hand,

                                  puts God before a guest,

                                  puts The Spirit to the fore.

The joy of The Lord is in the blessing of My Spirit,

                                  is in the favour of The Lord,

                                  is in the hugging of The Father,

                                  is in the walk between the thrones,

                                  is in the presence of the angels who love to be in time.”


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