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The Land of Goshen (21.7.12)

“The fortitude of the saints must not waver under trial,

                                            must not submit to the hounds of terror,

                                            must not flee from the dragon’s breath.

The fortitude of the saints must strengthen and sustain,

                                          must support and uphold,

                                          must respond and skirmish.

The fortitude of the saints must not dwell within a rest home:

                                          must be healthy and vibrant,

                                          must be eager and enthusiastic,

                                          must be pronounced and proclaimed.

The fortitude of the saints must not become inept,

                                          must not become replaced by frailty,

                                          must not become the will of yesterday.

The fortitude of the saints is required to see survival,

                                          is required to escape the foe,

                                          is required to repair the armour damaged in a battle in the land of Goshen.

The land of Goshen is a land at risk,

                                 is a land subject to the eyes of envy,

                                 is a land where peace exists,

                                 is a land where weapons have been turned to ploughshares,

                                 is a land where families are nurturing their young,

                                               where the defences are not great,

                                               where neighbours are quite distant,

                                               where protection is the sea which lies within the power of God.

The land of Goshen is the land where the land is tilled,

                                                   where the land grows grass,

                                                   where the land is stocked,

                                                   where the land from afar appears to be there for the taking.

The land of Goshen is the land of milk and honey,

                                 is the land of smiles and welcomes,

                                 is the land which countenances the handshake born of greeting and a closeup view of eyes.

The land of Goshen is a land of future wealth;

                                 is a land blessed with the warming of the waters,

                                                            with the filling of the granaries,

                                                            with the overflowing of the wine skins,

                                                            with the presence of the God of grace, 

The land of Goshen fills the cargo ships with produce for distant trades,

                                 has governors who govern,

                                 has scribes aplenty in the multitude,

                                 has stability in the home land,

                                 has been and is surveyed by opportunists awaiting a chance to seize.

The land of Goshen has spoils awaiting exhumation,

                                                  awaiting exploitation,

                                                  awaiting delivery to willing markets.

The land of Goshen is a prize worth plucking:

                                                  for resources buried deep below,

                                                  for resources in the distance yet to be unearthed,

                                                  for resources in the depths which can both feed and grow.

The land of Goshen is seen as well worth harvesting, 

                                 is seen as a place worth capturing,

                                 is seen as both prolific and unprotected,

                                 is seen as worth the risk of brazen seizure with a display of force.

The land of Goshen is in need of allies of renown,

                                                 of allies without threats,

                                                 of allies with honest records,

                                                 of allies who are not self-serving,

                                                 of allies without encumbrances,

                                                 of allies of just cause,

                                                 of allies who do not circumvent the law,

                                                 of allies with integrity of purpose,

                                                 of allies who know the strength in numbers,

                                                 of allies who are the masters of opinion,

                                                 of allies who can differentiate between the rights and wrongs,

                                                 of allies who have not forsaken the golden rule of justice,

                                                 of allies who seek partnerships of honour,

                                                 of allies who do not visit in the night,

                                                 of allies who do not fleece and cheat,

                                                               who do not confess to jealousy yet know it very well,

                                                               who do not look across the fence then try to move the boundary,

                                                 of allies who will not pack and leave with the gathering of the storm clouds,

                                                 of allies who know what it is like to be cast aside as victims,

                                                 of allies who know what it is like to encounter frost as pressure is applied.

So it is God awaits a call for friendship,

                    awaits a call of reciprocating love,

                    awaits a call which moves an anthem in its fullness up onto the stage of life –

                                                                                               for the world at large to see and hear and read.

For as the testimony is borne so will My Spirit move.”


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