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The Lumps of Clay (31.7.12)

“The lumps of clay within the hands of idols could be the lumps of clay within the hands of God.

The lumps of clay upon the earth can be in the forms of man within the edifice of God.

The lump of clay which is kicked aside can be the valued child of God lifted high.

The lumps of clay where nothing grows can become the planting of The Lord fruiting in abundance.

The lumps of clay moulded by man according to his will can be the lumps of clay destined for the furnace of God –

                                    to emerge purified and refined –

                                                                   creations of great beauty moulded within His will:

                                                                                                             for the assembling of His family.

The lumps of clay do not incur a second glance from man.

The lumps of clay refined tell of a history of idol worship;

                                      tell of grace and restoration;

                                      tell of a new beginning;

                                      tell of an assured destiny of choice;

                                      tell of companionship with God.

The lumps of clay need to be reformed;

                              need to be transformed;

                              need to be the recipients of the washing of the soul;

                              need to gush the living water so the thirsty can thereby slake their thirst;

                              need to shed their blasphemies with the fitting of new tongues.

The lumps of clay can be embedded with impurities,

                              can carry lumps within the lumps,

                              can be cracked and dry,

                              can be hard and unyielding,

                              can be sealed and impervious,

                              can be striated and rejected.

The lumps of clay can be treated for imperfections;

                              can be suited to reclamation;

                              can be recovered;

                              can be restored,

                              can be saved as worthy;

                              can be fitted:

                                           for the day of salutation,

                                           for the day of graduation,

                                           for the day of presentation,

                                           for the day of registration,

                                           for the day of embarkation,

                                           for the day of repatriation,

                                           for the day of elevation.

The lumps of clay no longer resemble rejected lumps of clay.

The lumps of clay now sparkle as the diamonds,

                                      are as golden lampstands filled with the anointed oil:

                                      flaring with the holy flame of incense in a cascading golden shower.

So the lumps of clay can remain embedded and unmoving,

                                          or be lifted up to glow in glory with the lighting of the temples.”


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