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The Means of Man (30.7.12)

“The stepping stones across the fording of a river,

  the stepladder reaching to the highest branches,

  the staircase leading from the floor below to all the floors above:

                  such as these are designed to transport safely,

                                        have no shortcuts built in for the nimble,

                                        have no shortcuts for the tired,

                                        have no shortcuts to achieving of a goal.

For each has its peculiarities that speaks to the spirit and the soul.

The stepping stones require certainty of placement of each foot in a sequence which is obvious,

                                 will not allow completion of a dry shod journey if usage is without due concentration,

                                                          if one is bypassed in a hurry,

                                                          if one is dwelling underwater and cannot fulfill its function,

                                                          if one is so slippery it willingly sheds its load.

The stepladder empowers a journey to the heights,

                         has its feet spread with care,

                                      with attention to the foundation,

                                                          for strength of posture for its bearing of the load,

                                                          for cross-bracing of the skeleton to prevent a fall,

                                                          for servicing by design the height prescribed.

The staircase serves the will of man,

                      is sturdy to withstand two-way traffic,

                      has supports of comfort for the hands,

                      is well lit at night for safety on the tread,

                      is confined in placement for access to the floors,

                      is possessed of landings for changes in direction,

                                                              for where the foot is re-aligned,

                                                              for where there is assessment of the pace,

                                                              for where the step is gauged for the foot to fall.

So man can cross and climb with each at variance of purpose through selection of the means. 

Widespread are the means of man.

Widespread are the selections seen on offer.

Widespread are the solutions devised by man.

Widespread are the ways of man.

Widespread are the offerings of man.

Widespread are the hemlines of his curtaining –

                         the hemlines of his garments –

                         the hemlines of his leaves.

The means of man measure the widespread abilities of man,

                      in order to achieve his objectives of the day,

                                                     his objectives of the night,

                                                     his objectives fulfilled within a life.

The means of man do not enable access to eternal life,

                               hold no promise for the future,

                               build no portals to the heavens,

                               do not have escape pods buried in the pyramids of grandeur.

The means of man have long sought the gods of man,

                               have long sought sacrifices for attention,

                               have long sought access to a God who answers,

                               have long sought extensions to mortality,

                               have long sought the means of man for the equipping of a journey into an after-life.

The means of man cannot match the means of God. 

The means of man cannot give access to the means of God.

The means of man cannot bear man into the means of God.

The means of man cannot crash-land the means of God.

The means of man tinker with the keys,

                                       drop them as if a child,

                                       playing with them yet without understanding the potential within his grasp.

The means of man eventually succumb to chaos,

                                                 disintegrate into the weathered artefacts,

                                                 become as dust upon the earth which no longer speaks of

                                                                                                       greatness of achievement,

                                                                                                       intimidation of the people,

                                                                                                       misuse of power employed,

                                                                                                       assigning of authority without due care for the consequences. 

The means of man added the gold of God into their stockpiles,

                                         the jewels of God into their reservoirs of wealth.

The means of man quickly discovered those which withstood the generations of man,

                                                                                          seeking to acquire them for his gain –

                                                                             yet could not move them past the grave.

The means of man with enlightenment can access the pathway to the stars –

                                                                                 the pathway for the stars –

                                                                      cross the river on the stepping stones to the promised land;

                                                                      climb the staircase with its levels of attainment,

                                                                      pause on the landings to admire the vistas,

                                                                      reach the mountaintop with access to the companionship of God.

Beware the many stepladders laid in wait for man,

                 placed for his temptation to start a climb which can never lead him home,

                                                                                   which end at the doors of cults,

                                                                                                    at the doors of idolatry,

                                                                                                    at the doors of pyramids,

                                           at the doors which speak of the fallacies of man and of their gods aplenty.

Many are the unique gifts of God:

                                           unique is the offering of God to man;

                                           unique is the God of love;

                                           unique is the living God of the Patriarchs;

                                           unique is God’s offering of Grace to man in his mortality which uplifts him from the grave. 


          with his many means,

                   should embrace within his repertoire his commitment to a new found covenant:

                                a new covenant with Grace freely accepted by freewill –

                                           so offered by The God of Love,

                                                       as built upon the mainstay of His Cross,

                                                                      for the family of man.”


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