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The Non-vindictiveness of God (19.8.12)

“God is not vindictive in His rebuking of man.

God is not vindictive when the record of the miscreant is found to be imperfect on which the judgment may appear to rest:

                                                                                                                                on which the judgment may be incurred,

                                                                                                                                on which the judgment may be sought,

                                                                                                                                on which the judgment is likely to be proclaimed.

God is not vindictive when warnings of behaviour have been issued,

                                                    even when the accountability for such behaviour has been declared,

                                                    even when the penalties for infringement have been written down and sealed as the word of God, 

                                                    even when the basis of redemption is both wilfully and patently ignored,

                                                    even when the warnings for encouraging compliance are treated with nothing but contempt.

Man does not deserve and never will deserve vindictiveness –

                                                                                      the planning for revenge –

                                                                            not held as present as a desire of God.

God is not a seeker of revenge,

                                             leaves it within the domain of man.

God is the imposer of His vengeance reserved solely unto Himself:

                                                                               that which God insists is not sharable by man;

                                                                               that which God states should never be usurped by man.

The vengeance of God manifests with the occasioned falling of His wrath,

                                     manifests as timed by His prophets whom He knows,

                                     manifests as bound within His promises affecting man.

Vengeance with the wrath of God are awe full to behold;

                                                       are terrifying to be under:

                                                       leave very few survivors among those repudiating God.”


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