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The Presence of Man (10.10.13)

“The flood chambers of the heart know the mortal beat of life,

                                                      know when it was commenced,

                                                      know when it is about to end.

The flood chambers of the heart are protected and secured,

                                                    are reliable and entrained,

                                                    are consistent and effective.

The flood chambers of the heart are controlled and supervised,

                                                    are bespoke and sensitive,

                                                    are constrained and released.

The flood chambers of the heart support life within mortality,

                                                    seal completeness when the sands of time run out,

                                                    open the gateway to eternity after the time as set for preparation.

The flood chambers of the heart speak of the physical in contact with the senses –

                                                                                                                        within the flesh of man –

                                                                                       maintaining life for the presence of man:

                                                                                                                       the shell of man,

                                                                                                                       the glove of man,

                                                                                                                       the body of man.

The presence of man includes spiritual connotations to the conceptual heart of man:

                                                       as to the intent of the heart;

                                                       as to whether it manifests in goodness or in evil;

                                                       as to the depository for sin;

                                                       as to the dungeon hiding places –

                                                                                       thereby being in need of deep cleansing;

                                                       as to a metaphor for that seen as the outworking of the character.

The presence of man has sin hiding in his fingertips,

                                               hiding in his thought life,

                                               hiding in his offices,

                                               hiding in his libraries,

                                               hiding in his tools for accessing that for which he searches,

                                                                                                   that for which he finds,

                                                                                                   that for which he shares,

                                                                                                   that for which he stores,

                                                                                                   that for which he views –

                                                    when he thinks he dwells in privacy of thought and word and deed.

The presence of man comes under subservience to God when man displays self-righteousness,

                                                                                          when man is not meticulous with his tongue,

                                                                                          when man rounds off to ignore the rough edges –

                                                                                                                                             the sharp corners –

                                                                                                                                             the short cuts –

                                                                                                                                   where shame so often hangs its coat.

The presence of man can see his fortunes change when he attempts:

                                                              to thwart the will of God;

                                                              to hide behind lies constructed in a series;

                                                              to introduce deception to his armoury;

                                                              to scheme and plot for what he would wish to keep as secret;

                                                              to infringe the laws of God and of man –

                                                                      as stepping stones of infraction to undue wealth or fame.

The presence of man can be such that he dishonours all he touches,

                                                                  dishonours all he seeks,

                                                                  dishonours all under his control,

                                                                  dishonours all within a family:

                                         by the stain of corruption implicit in his perception of leadership authority.

The presence of man can be as a renegade from God as man’s freewill runs amok.

The presence of man builds or ignores his character,

                                   builds or ignores his destiny,

                                   builds or ignores his friendships,

                                   builds or ignores his history of life,

                                   builds or ignores his relationship with God,

                                   builds or ignores the likely impact of grace upon his being.

The presence of man is either the victim of the foe of man –

                                                                                    so destined for the satanic fold,

                                      or the victor with The Son of God –

                                                                                    so destined for the family of God.

So is the truth declared.

So is the truth to stand.

So is the truth upheld.

So is the truth not gainsaid.”


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