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The Resilience of Man (11.10.13)

“The resilience of man surfaces in his attitudes to conquering and progressing,

                                                                            to seeking and restoring,

                                                                            to capturing and mastering,

                                                                            to exploring and possessing.

The resilience of man is measured by his tenaciousness,

                                                        in his bounce back from near defeat,

                                                        in his recovery of will to discover ways around his difficulties,

                                                        in his adopting of new methods as solution possibilities.

The resilience of man seeks the dispersal of information,

                                    shares knowledge mixed with wisdom,

                                    knows the headlines of discovery.

The resilience of man clings to a commitment,

                                    attacks problems with resolve,

                                    appreciates the value of resources,

                                    hearkens to counsel from the wise.

The resilience of man is birthed within the lighting of history,

                                                    within the past experience of man,

                                                    within queries for the future where expansion is sought –

                                                                                       to so meet the present onward needs of man.

The resilience of man rarely pays tribute to his creating God,

                                    rarely sees value in the honouring of God,

                                    rarely instructs his offspring in the ways of God.

So The Would-be God of man waits upon the multitudes:

                                                 waits and waits and waits and waits and waits;

                                                        with His offering of grace,

                                                        with His offerings endemic in His promises waiting for acceptance –

                                                                                                                  to be seized unto each heart.

So The Would-be God of man has His seven angels hold lightly to their bowls:

                                               with His contents of their bowls soon to be poured out upon the earth –

                                                                            within the time frame of the end-time wrath of God.

So The Would-be God of man watches and reveals Himself in love with grace held high,

                                                  awaits and garners from the four winds,

                                                  insists on man’s recognition of the divine sacrifice –

                                                                      His Son interposed as the agent of reconciliation –

                                                                                                to so redeem man unto his waiting God.

                So The God of man is accepted as such by the sheep within The Shepherd’s flock.

                So The God of man adopts them into His family.

                So The God of man seeks their preparation to be so numbered as the bride.”


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