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The Restlessness of Man (11.10.13)

“The restlessness of man arises from his perceptions of his life,

                                                   from the lack of recognition of his own achievements,

                                                   from the praise found wanting from his peers,

                                                   from the absence of gratitude as signified by silence,

                                                   from the erstwhile efforts expended without reward,

                                                   from the confirmation of any significance attached to a life in jeopardy.

The restlessness of man is a sign of disillusionment,

                                       is a sign of diminishing self-worth,

                                       is a sign that all is not well within his soul,

                                       is a sign of a dampened spirit trampled and forlorn,

                                       is a sign which threatens the ongoing of life itself.

The restlessness of man cracks a nut and cannot find the kernel,

                                       plants a seed and does not see it grow,

                                       saves his income but finds his purse still empty,

                                       seizes on an inspiration though remaining incomplete,

                                       visits others only to encounter their gripes and groans,

                                       attempts to pay his debts and hopes vainly for a residue:

                                       looks finally upon his life and asks ’What is the use?’

The restlessness of man is a ploy of Satan,

                                       is a trick within perspectives,

                                       is the undue emphasis of negatives without the countervailing positives,

                                       is the dragging down of that which should be lifted up.

The restlessness of man can result from misapplication of his thoughts and deeds:

                                                                 the lack of worthwhile vision in his life,

                                                                 the non-ability to discern the turning points in life,

                                                                 not joining the adventuring,

                                                                                    the journeying,

                                                                                                  inherent in each life,

                                                                 not having a tabulated history of what has been and done to which his spirit can recall
                                                                                                                                                                         and his soul can refer.

The restlessness of man seeks progress in his life,

                                       wants to stamp on failure,

                                       needs to kick a goal.

The restlessness of man desires to hear the roar of approval so love can grow and cherish,

                                                                                                so achievement can be measured by the pat upon a back,

                                                                                                so he can smile when encountering the words ‘Well done!’ uttered
                                                                                                                                                                                        in sincerity.

The restlessness of man can be directed through the love of God,

                                                                 by a relationship with God,

                                                                 via the end-time journeying with God,

                                                                 in preparation to be the bride of Christ.

The restlessness of man can be directed to be an overcomer,

                                                                to be a friend of God,

                                                                to be envisioned with a tasking from God,

                                                                to be empowered with the gifts of The Holy Spirit,

                                                                to become a temple wherein The Holy Spirit dwells to counsel and to lead.

The restlessness of man can be but a stepping stone to the pathway of fulfilment in a life with God.”


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