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The Scenery of God Abroad (13.8.12)

“The scenery of man prepares for expansion as man takes in the scenery of God and man at home,

                                                                                     takes in the scenery of God abroad.

The scenery of God abroad requires more senses of man,

                                                          his ability to handle what presently lies beyond his reach:

                                   more deftness in perception so he can gauge and judge correctly;

                                   more resolution for the new scoping of his eyes;

                                   more frequencies for the new scoping of his ears;

                                   more keys to unlock the new senses for the evaluating of new dimensions;

                                   more techniques of exploration for the coping with new dimensions –

                                                                                       both for the very small and for the very large;

                                   more enhancing of the senses with which he is familiar;

                                   more practicality in travelling the outer islands which man has never seen before close up and unafraid,

                                                                in travelling the white holes of God –

                                                                           where mass no longer interferes,

                                                                           where short cuts are employed,

                                                                           where light has no need to sign to its companions.

The scenery of God abroad has the angels gasping,

                                             has the angels silenced,

                                             has the angels moving slowly and in awe.

The scenery of God abroad implies visits to the lands of wonder,

                                                                   to the lands of monuments,

                                                                   to the lands of spectacles,

                                                                   to the lands of giants,

                                                                   to the lands of microcosms,

                                                                   to the lands of joy,

                                                                   to the lands of progress.

The scenery of God abroad is vested within the deeds of God,

                                             is vested within the grandest of designs,

                                             is vested within the blessings and the power of God.

The scenery of God abroad is beautiful,

                                             is delightful,

                                             is seasonal,

                                             is conceptual,

                                             is majestic,

                                             is grandeur on a scale unknown to man:

                                             is being shared within the family of God.

The scenery of God abroad does not lend itself to disappointment,

                                             is assessed as being well worth the waiting,

                                             holds sights forever on the curricula of man,

                                             is sighted as assignments worth repeat appraisals,

                                             is honoured as the outpourings from The God of Love,

                                             is preserved within the scenes where time is known to visit and then to leave.

The scenery of God abroad is accepted as the works of God,

                            as the working of His Spirit in foreign jurisdictions where man has never gone,

                            as the manifested will of God in being –

                                                                                  and disclosed.

The scenery of God abroad speaks of distant lands and venues in other realms of God,

                                             speaks of the imprints of God which cannot be eclipsed,

                                             speaks of the preparations of God –

                                                                          those which He made for His family at home to visit.”


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