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The Sky Signs of God (7.8.12)

“The rainbow of God is well known by man,

                                   is well known by God,

                                   is remindful of a promise to the forbears of the generations presently upon the earth.

The rainbow of God is not the only repeating sign of God seen within the skies above the heads of man –

                                                                            as being ever mindful of His overseeing presence.

The rainbow of God is seen,

                                                as a multi-coloured bow arched in the sky,

                                   by man as stationed on the earth.

The rainbow of God is seen,

                                                as a perfect circle centred on the eye of man,

                                   by man as stationed to look down.

The rainbow of God is a marriage of the sun and rain,

                                                so to lift the spirit of man nearer to His God.

The rainbow of God forswears the company of both the Northern and the Southern lights by night.

The Northern and the Southern Lights are the auroras of the earth imparted with both grace and beauty.

The auroras of the earth sign of man’s protection on his flight through space,

                                       guard the welfare of man’s being,

                                       guard the ark of God man uses both for transport through the seasons and for the living space
                                                                                                                                                                         on board.

The auroras of the earth are the curtains of delight with the rhythm of cascading light spread before the eyes of man:

                           synchronized according to the chorister of the dance;

                                                 according to the baton of the music maker of the heavens;

                                                 according to the composition of God –

                                                                                      as presented for His children to watch in awe.

The auroras of the earth come and go according to the heart-beat of the sun,

                                                                              to the pulses of the sun;

                                        sign all is well for the stars on-board as the ark glides on her course.

The auroras of the earth are in company with the shooting stars homing on the earth;

                                       see the shooting stars trailing their life-force through the heavens but to fall,

                                       sight the being of the shooting stars for but an instance saying,

                                                                                                     ‘Here am I’,

                                                                                                              as they flash into oblivion –

                                                                                                              joining with the earth as she continues on her journey.

The shooting stars are long term travellers meeting with their destiny,

                                    keeping an appointment known to God,

                                    fulfilling a scheduled timetable to enliven the night sky of God –

                                                                                                        for His viewers of distinction.

The shooting stars of God are sprinkled from His pepper pot to meet a fiery end.

The comets are the prey of giants:

                               drawn in to their predators,

                               make an imprint when they strike,

                               have no time for dwarfs.

The comets are structured on their journeys:

                               return according to their long set paths,

                               continue on beyond the scope of watching eyes as their tails commence to shrink.

Beware the giants of God as they scavenge all the offerings to feed a voracious maw.

Beware the giants of God as the sweepers of the skies,

                                              the sink-holes for collisions,

                                              the caretakers of the errant screamers –

                                                                                            which test the safety nets of God.

Beware the giants of God for they care not for what they eat:

                                                       consume all there is on offer,

                                                       will not release once trapped,

                                                       are happy with a burp.

The flashes and the claps are destined for the eyes and ears of man.

The flashes and the claps warn man from a distance of potential to approach;

                                         warn man of a change within the cloud base of the skies;

                                         warn man to seek some shuttered shelter of protection;

                                         warn man of an approach as frequency increases,

                                                                                        as the time of separation decreases with the distance.

The flashes and the claps relate to energy released,

                                         relate to a short circuit to the earth,

                                         relate to the need for wisdom on where to decide to stand.

The flashes and the claps can hold man spell-bound with amazement:

                                                                    as the lightning lights the sky,

                                                                    as the thunder diminishes in rolling echoes of its birth,

                                                                    as man stands frozen to a spot and may forget to run.

The flashes and the claps sign of a storm released,

                                                 of a storm building for a downpour,

                                                 of a storm seething within itself as it readies to freeze or soak.

The coming of the day at sunrise,

                     the setting of the sun at end-of-day,

        sign the time frame passing in an instant in which The Master of creation applies  His grandeur to His clouds of glory,

                                                     applies  as with a brush stippled from His selections among the colourings of God:

                                                                                                                         the colourings which set the sky aflame;

                                                                                            the colourings which have man gaze in awe at the beauty he beholds;

                                                                                               have man watch intently until the blues and greys again dominate –

                                                                                                                                                   the memory of a majestic spectacle.

                                                                                                      A spectacle of God preceding sunrise in the dawn,

                                                                                                                                      succeeding sunset in the twilight of the day.

     The rising and the setting of the sun witness the masterpiece of decoration created for the skies –

                                                                                       through the skilful touch of the hand of God –

                                                          as He places His brushstrokes on His canvas composed from His tableau of the clouds.

The sky signs of God are numerous and specific,

                                   are widespread and majestic,

                                   are memorable and marvellous.

The sky signs of God testify of His creation:

                                              of His thought and planning,

                                              of His structures and displays,

                                              of His control and timing.

The sky signs of God await the blood-red colouring,

                                   await the darkening of the brightness –

                                                                         as to be laid before the eyes of man.”


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