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The Son Shines (20.11.13)

“The Son shines on the livelihoods of man.

The Son shines with a light that is all His own,

                          with a light which is not shared,

                          with a light as a focus point for gathering.

The Son shines as a lighthouse to the lost,

                          as a haven for the woebegone in both appearance and their souls,

                          as a shelter in a season of risk to life and limb.

The Son shines through the gloom which settles on the weak of spirit.

The Son shines in illuminating the unrighteous.

The Son shines upon the desperate who know not which way to turn.

The Son shines upon the forlorn who are seeking help.

The Son shines before the humble who are familiar with the fruit of penance.

The Son shines in surrounding all His flock with His presence.

The Son shines upon the call for grace.

The Son shines before the throne of The Father.

The Son shines in welcoming the sons of God.

The Son shines in showing each the place prepared.

The Son shines with the confidence of The Holy Spirit,

                         with the confirmation of the assessment of The Holy Spirit,

                         with the ushering into the presence of The Holiness of The Father.

The Son shines where darkness no longer reigns.

The Son shines where the woman –

                                           with her arms held wide –

                                   skips and dances with the movement in the reflections on the shorelines of the earth.

The Son shines for all eternity upon the beauty of His creation awaiting the inaugural showing to His bride of beauty –

                                                                                                                                which has held the chalice of redemption.

The Son shines forth so His identity is not in question;

                                  so He fulfils The Father’s plan for full glory in His leadership;

                                  so He enables all due for an inheritance to confirm their claim;

                                  so He summons those from whom there is an overdue accounting.

The Son shines before the ignored warnings coming to fruition of indictment –

                                                 with sudden relevance of meaning.

The Son shines so the justice of God is to be experienced –

                                                 attached to that which was long thought to have been forgotten.

The Son shines where the aggrieved are gathered –

                                                 in the presence of the mercy seat.

The Son shines forth in effecting the dwelling place of default long since indicated to man –

                                                                                                                             where grace was never accepted –

                                                                                                                             where mercy was never established –

                                                                                                                                          by and for those who passed them by.

The Son shines upon His Kingdom,

               shines throughout His kingdom,

               shines within His Kingdom.

The Son shines at the gates of heaven where those who testified may pass.

The Son shines before the throne of The Father where He testifies of those accepting grace as streaming from the cross.

The Son shines in welcoming before The Father all His adopted sons:

                                                              all within the covenant of blood arising from His sacrifice of The Son;

                                                              all who relate to The Good Shepherd and prepared to be His bride;

                                                              all who have been through The Refiner’s fire –

                                                                                                             to no longer bear the wood the hay the straw.”


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