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The Stones of The Earth (25.8.12)

“The stones of the Earth have a value imposed by rarity,

                                        are discovered and uplifted from the earth,

                                        are plain and unused to the eyes of man,

                                        are manipulated in the hands of man,

                                        are worked by the hands of man so the inherent beauty is displayed,

                                                                               so the value of the gemstone rises as it is magnified and set in gold.

         So the golden setting enhances and enthrals,

                                            creates envy and great pride,

                                            presents love and a lifelong pledge,

                                            stores wealth and memories,

                                            is plundered and sold in shadows,

                                            is lost as it is left behind.

The stones of the Earth either stagnate or circulate,

                                      may cause a squabble,

                                      may become the centre of a fight;

        rarely does peace prevail with the claiming of inheritances,

        rarely does violence ensue as ownership transfers with the opening of the vaults of wealth,

        rarely do the stones of the Earth bring much happiness to man –

                                                        when the locks are checked with the turning of the keys.

The stones of the Earth travel and stay put,

                                      have the glory on show,

                                      have the glory hidden,

                                      make a statement to the world,

                                      often dwell in the surroundings of state.

The stones of the Earth can hold the wealth of man,

                                      can measure the wealth of man,

                                      can progress along the linked paths of generations.

The stones of the Earth can support a regency,

                                      can validate a throne,

                                      can maintain a war.

The stones of the Earth are collected and cut by man;

                                      are both bonded and free,

                                      are both loved and hated,

                                      are both segregated and pooled,

                                      are both showered and withdrawn,

                                      are both admitted and denied, 

                                      are both despoiled and enhanced,

                                      are both honoured and dishonoured in the handling by man.

The spirits of Heaven are each unique and crafted,

                                   are valued in their being,

                                   are birthed for uplifting into arms,

                                   are in a new stage of development as each sees the eyes of man,

                                   are handled and fondled with great care,

                                   are clothed and dressed by man as beauty is admired,

                                                   so the value rises with the addition of the soul set within a home.

         So the setting of the soul enhances both,

                            as they commence a journey locked together in a body,

                                                   with a lifelong pledge of companionship together.

         So the soul is subjected to envy and great pride;

                            has love misplaced and yearning;

                            stores the wealth of wisdom as it is permitted to accumulate within the existence of the being of the soul;

                            is attacked with the view of conquest;

                            is sheltered and protected by the counsel of the spirit which attempts to hold its hand;

                            is robbed of its integrity as the handhold of instruction is casually shrugged off;

                            is affirmed and lively as the handhold of the spirit is keenly grasped and valued as a link to life.

The spirits of heaven are tasked by My Spirit,

                                   are each tasked to supervise their souls,

                                   are each tasked to lead their appointed soul with guidance and direction,

                                   are each tasked to take the soul upon a journey of introduction,

                                                                                  upon a journey of resolution,

                                                                                  upon a journey of integration.

The spirit of man has a struggle set before him,

                             has a struggle with his soul of purpose,

                             has a struggle to bring to pass the will of God.

The spirit of man is instated as the captain of his soul,

                                                                  to win over the freewill of the soul,

                                                                  to bless the soul with care and love,

                                                                  to encourage and uplift the soul into the very presence of God.

The spirit of man should not submit to any entity before an altar unless affirmed by God,

                                                                                       unless it is the altar of The Lamb,

                                                                                                       unless it beckons with eternal life into the family of God.

The spirit of man is accountable for the soul of man,

                                                                  to teach and to instruct,

                                                                  to translate and to confirm,

                                                                  to interpret and to consolidate,

                                                                  to persevere and to overcome,

                                                                  to enable and to entrain the soul to follow in righteousness and truth.

The spirit of man knows of the second death,

                                                     that which he is most anxious to avoid,

                                                     that which marks the freewill failure to concede by the soul beset with obstinacy:

                                                     that which extinguishes all hope and expectation.

              For as man lives,

                                 so will he die.

The soul of man is birthed to have a captain,

                           is birthed to be successful,

                           is birthed to become acquainted with the fellowship of God.

The soul of man struggles against confinement,

                           tussles with the truth,

                           seeks freedom within the will of man,

                           is unacquainted with the concept of freewill,

                                                                                of the responsibility,

                                                                                of the blessings and the curses,

                                                                                of the accountability he stands in need of learning –

                                                                                                         with acceptance of the spirit’s goal. 

The soul of man stands in need of adopting with commitment the spirit’s leading into truth and righteousness,

                           and the giftings of The Spirit,

                 so they may be a matching pair:

                 so the matching pair are known to God and become entrusted to direct the body with assuredness of deed and action –

                 so none are put at risk of that from which they cannot arise.

The soul of man can be pulled both to and fro:

                           can become a battleground fraught with indecision,

                           can become a battleground fed by the pleasures of the soul,

                           can become a battleground tugged by the spirit into the light of Christ,

                           can become a battleground for two conflicting targets,

                           can become a battleground between the God of eternal Love and the devil with his coming anguish,

                           can become a battleground where the freewill of man is hoisted on a stake –

                                                                                                                 a stake binding imprisonment with Satan or,

                                                                                                   a stake holding up the cross of freedom with The Living Lord of Love.

         So the wise will comprehend,

          so the wise will make connections,

          so the wise will receive the message as intended,

          so the wise will interpret,

          so the wise will speak,

          so the wise will listen for the heralds.”


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