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The Vacuum of Space (19.7.12)

“The vacuum of space is not really so,

                                     depends upon the sophistication of the measurements,

                                     depends upon location,

                                     depends upon the perspective,

                                     depends upon the mass deciding the extent of gravity.

The vacuum of space depends upon the definition implicit in the understanding –

                                                          the compendium of composition comprising that with referral named as ‘space’,

                                          the degree of lack of the quantity of energy expected to be absent in a ‘vacuum’,

                                                                                                expected not to reside as mass,

                                                                               expected to not be as atmospheres within the bounds of gravity.

For the vacuum of space has light traversing on its journeys,

                                        has waves which are difficult to verify,

                                        has the chattering of the stars on wavelengths far above the present audio of man,

                                        has collisions in the making as masses come and go,

                                        has the particles of sunlight streaming gases from afar,

                                        has the dusts of aeons circling in their rings.

For the vacuum of space is a very busy place:

                                        has travellers leaving trails,

                                        has travellers making waves,

                                        has travellers with protection from intrusion,

                                        has travellers with no thought of right-of-way,

                                        has travellers who cannot stop if a warning flashes red,

                                        has travellers who have been trapped for a very long long time,

                                        has travellers without the companionship of life.

For the vacuum of space stretches past the imaginings of man,

                                        tests his comprehension of one with many zeros –

                                                    where commas do not help the cause,

                                                    where the faster travellers still grow weak and dim,

                                                    where the distant past discloses what may no longer be,

                                                    where man may never travel unless dressed in the gown of God.

So the gown of God dresses man for eternity,

                             makes the present impossibility into the practicality of the presently,

                             converts by scale reduction all the distant sites hidden by the zeros into the presence known to God.

So the gown of God becomes the dressing of the chrysalis of man upon emergence from the grave.

So the gown of God becomes a symbol of perfection,

                                                 the enabling of the spirit and the soul,

                                                 the touchstone of the heavens which then knows the fall of fire upon the gold of purity,

                                                                                                                              the gold without contamination,

                                                                                         the gold which has passed through the refiner’s fire unto reward.”


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