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The Voice of Man (7.9.12)

“The voice of man is a wonder to behold in its means of production,

                                                                   in its support of clarity,

                                                                   in its response to frequency.

The voice of man has linkage to his ears,

                                      to become the triplet entwined in functionality,

                                      to become the impartation of the senses enabling man to converse at ease.

The voice of man has overtones of uniqueness,

                             has qualities of differentiation between the genders,

                                                                              between growth and maturity,

                                                                              between the languages of man,

                                                                              between a whisper and a roar.

The voice of man speaks the will of man,

                             speaks the will of demons,

                             speaks the will of God.

The voice of man can get him into trouble,

                             can get him out of trouble.

The voice of man can be involved with lies,

                             can be the signpost of the truth.

The voice of man can signal and commit,

                             can plead and threaten,

                             can beg and dominate.

The voice of man can be the call to God or a weapon of disaster.

The voice of man can utter the cry of terror or the offering of help.

The voice of man has numerous capabilities to adjust unto the moment,

                                                                        to match emotions in an instant,

                                                                        to marry need with the vocality,

                                                                        to equate the circumstances to the expressions of the soul,

                                                                        to profess the yearning of the spirit.

The voice of man yields to rest,

                             yields to the interpretation of the ears,

                             yields to the image of the eyes,

                             yields to the power of music,

                             yields in consent to the voice of God.

The voice of man is amplified and distorted,

                             is carried and despatched,

                             is packaged and delivered.

The voice of man is recorded as a culprit,

                             is recorded as a witness,

                             is recorded as an example,

                             is recorded as a teacher,

                             is recorded for enjoyment,

                             is recorded as a record of the past of man.

The voice of man trembles with emotion,

                             trembles with rage,

                             trembles with age,

                             trembles with sickness,

                             trembles with compassion.

The voice of man can seek and find,

                             can comfort and console,

                             can sing the song of joy and the song of mourning.

The voice of man is close to the voice of God,

                             is close to the tongues of heaven,

                             is close to the confirmation of the purpose for a life,

                             is close to the measuring of commitment.

The voice of man contains power and authority,

                                           blasphemy and blessing,

                                           disdain and adulation.

The voice of man surfaces in wonder and disparagement,

                                           in worship and profanity,

                                           in glory and in shame.

Wise is he who knows the approval of God upon his life,

                                     the gift of God upon his tongue,

                                     the purity of God upon his voice:

                                                  for such as they are aware of the fear of God.”


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