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The Washing of The Clothes (5.9.12)

“The washing of the clothes brings woman to the well,

                                              brings woman to the riverbank,

                                              brings woman to the slapping stone,

                                              brings woman to the scrubbing board,

                                              brings woman to the wash house,

                                              brings woman to the laundry,

                                              brings woman to the clothes line,

                                              brings woman to the drying area,

                                              brings woman to the iron,

                                              brings woman to the folded shelf of man.

The washing of the clothes removes the stains and spots,

                                            removes the dirt and sweat of yesterday,

                                            removes the odours and the scents ingrained upon the cloth.

The washing of the clothes has keen eyes on inspection,

                                                                            views the rents and tears,

                                                                            views the runs and catches,

                                                                            views the holes and and spills.

The washing of the clothes notes the missing and the worn,

                                            notes the need for darning,

                                            notes the need for buttons,

                                            notes the need for repairing the ravages of thorns,

                                            notes the need for a larger size,

                                            notes the call for a replacement as the old outlive the function of the purpose.

The washing of the clothes does not wash the body soul or spirit,

                                             leaves the blemishes intact,

                                             displays the stains on view,

                                             covers up the muck of yesterday:

                                             pretends it never happened.

The washing of the clothes presents a shabby body as in a covering of care,

                                                              as in a covering prepared for the dressage of the soul,

                                             as in a covering hiding the shame beneath,

                              as in a covering designed to mask the body soul and spirit from an ineffectual assessment of their well-being.

The washing of the clothes presents a covering fully suited to a temple receiving little or no attention.

The washing of the clothes does not mask the status of the temple from the eyes of God.

The washing of the clothes should follow the cleansing of the house,

                                                                   the inspection of the premises,

                                                                   the conversion to a temple.

The washing of the clothes does not hide the potential of a temple,

                                            does not close the thoroughfares of Satan,

                                            does not preclude the trampling of the hordes through the corridors of power,

                                            does not exclude the rooms of darkness yet to see the light,

                                            does not mend the broken fence yet to see the hand of The Carpenter in action.

The washing of the clothes does not bestow immunity from filth within the temple:

                                                                                                                 from surfacing in times of stress,

                                                                                                                 from appearing in a time of anger when the temple shakes.

The washing of the clothes brings sparkle and a sheen befitting of a temple when the temple is cleansed and washed,

                                                                                                  is honour bound in purity of intent,

                                                                              is circumcised and ready with its armour for the attacks of Satan.

The washing of the clothes is not of great importance to God,

                                                                  can have the importance misconstrued by man,

                                            is without significance to My Spirit’s being,

                                            is an adjunct to the body found necessary by man,

                                            is an appeal to fancy and to decoration,

                                            is an appeal to comfort and to implication,

                                            is an appeal to status and to inheritance of man.

The washing of the clothes imparts understanding of the reason for the presentation:

                                                                 when the hanger still stands in need,

                                                                 when the wardrobe is still filled with insects of destruction,

                                                                 when the pathway to the drying clothes is still composed of stumbling blocks.”


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