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The Wayward Wind (1.11.13)

“The wayward wind is not of God,

                                  shows no control for the benefit of man,

                                  shows no symmetry within its existence,

                                  shows no signs of having an objective other than destruction.

The wayward wind brings confusion where there should be sanity,

                                brings distress where there should be peace,

                                brings disharmony where there should be unity,

                                brings up the past where it should be forgiven,

                                brings turmoil mixing into the season of tranquility,

                                brings the grief of man into the time of his mortality.

The wayward wind is monitored by God,

                                is subject to the sincere prayer requests of man submitted in understanding,

                                is tended by God when the present bounds as set are exceeded on a whim,

                                is verified by God as to having the presence of intent,

                                is limited by God when threatening to wreck the works of God,

                                is quelled when the souls of man become the fodder of the day.

The wayward wind is as a storm within a nightmare:

                where the mare of the night ventures forth to attack the stallion of the light,

                where the hounds of darkness are baying at the scent of blood,

                where the stampede of terror is corralled by the coming light,

                where the cross is seen emptied of its functioning with the coming of a new covenant,

                where the nightmare ends with the love of man standing on a golden promise with a pathway to a throne,

                where the wayward wind of miseries screams and howls in torment as its grasp releases that which was its captive within

The wayward wind seizes to torment by loss,

                                seizes to frustrate the plans of man,

                                seizes to rob of life,

                                seizes to impair the ability to enjoy a way of life,

                                seizes to inflict both worry and despair,

                                seizes to instil fear laced with mourning,

                                seizes to take and to scatter the constructs of man.

The wayward wind banishes and throws away.

The wayward wind visits and dismisses.

The wayward wind carries and despatches.

The wayward wind has its season of freedom;

                                is soon to become enchained;

                                becomes as but a memory within the few who witnessed it:

                                            to know the violence in which it thrived in all its days upon the earth.”


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