My Scrolls

The Wool of My Sheep (14.6.13)

“The wool of My sheep is varied both in its texture and its retention of warmth,

                                       is varied both in its colours and its quality,

                                       is varied both in its feel and touch,

                                       is varied both in its length and appearance,

                                       is varied both in its functioning and its weatherproofing,

                                       is varied both in locations and environments.

The wool of My sheep portrays a way of life,

                                     portrays the care of the shepherd,

                                     portrays the care of the sheep.

The wool of My sheep portrays its value to the sheep,

                                     portrays the image of the sheep,

                                     portrays the grooming of the sheep.

The wool of My sheep is of importance to the sheep,

                                     is of importance to the shepherd,

                                     is of importance as the climate varies.

The wool of My sheep is of importance in conforming,

                                     is of importance in blending in,

                                     is of importance at the drafting gate swung by spots and blemishes,

                                                                           swung by veins of love,

                                                                           swung by evidence which cannot be ignored.

The wool of My sheep determines ultimate selection,

                                     presents the health of the sheep before the shepherd,

                                     calls attention to the effort spent in preparation,

                                                                        spent within a courtyard of great cleanliness,

                                                                        spent in seeking the intent of the shepherd.

The wool of My sheep speaks of where they played,

                                                     speaks of where they browsed,

                                                     speaks of where they roamed.

The wool of My sheep speaks of whether they were dipped for hangers-on,

                                                     whether they were crutched and tended,

                                                     whether they were vaccinated against disease.

The wool of My sheep speaks of whether there was a history of delinquency,

                                                                           a history of rambling in the thorns,
                                                           a history of shed blood in which the fleece was washed to soak in through

                                                                                                                                                                                         the skin.

The wool of My sheep with the whiteness of purity,

                                     with the absence of stains which were removed in preparation,

                                     with the scent of the oil buried deep within the folds:

       testifies of a shepherd who took great interest in His sheep;

                                                    penned them and protected them throughout the hours of darkness;

                                                    led them and had them know His voice when calling for response;

                                                    brought them to where the pasture was filled with nourishment;

                                                    quenched their thirst in drinking from the waters of new life;

                                                    guarded them from the wolves and those who would do them harm by invitation to the barren lands.

The wool of My sheep is a blessing in disguise,

                                     qualifies the obedient – 

                                                                   in purity –

                                                to exchange their outer coverings for their gowns of life,

                                                to establish their treasure in safe keeping –

                                                                                        from which robbers cannot deprive –

                                                                                                                                         as held in readiness for a coming birth.

The gowns of life are wonders to behold,

                              shimmer and sparkle in the sonlight,

                              have decorations which reflect earlier relationships of identity;

                              always move in grace upon the graceful,

                              always speak in confirmation of grace accepted by the lives,

                              always acknowledge the presence of grace:

                                           as the key which opens the threshold of the eternity of choice on exiting the grave clothes.

The gowns of life witness transformations,

                              witness welcomes into new surroundings,

                              witness the restoration of perfection of the being in the presence.

The gowns of life are witnesses to the introduction of knowledge:

                                                                                  of the past mortality;

                                                                                  of the spirits’ prior presences with God;

                                                                                  of the flows of information;

                                                                                  of the enhancements of the senses;

                                                                                  of the upgradings of abilities within the new environment;

                                                                                  of the changes in both scale and time;

                                                                                  of the companionships within the residence of The Living God.”


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