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The Clouds of Conquest (3) (18.9.12)

“The clouds of conquest are to be seen by all upon the earth,

                                        are to be seen within the dawning of a new day,

                                        are to be seen as the culmination of the church age of outreach,

                                        are to be seen as the act of the advent of divinity,

                                        are to be seen as the fulfilment of prophecy upheld,

                                        are to be seen as the bursting forth of My kingdom’s glory over all the earth.

The clouds of conquest bring expectation to the present,

                                      bring a king unto a throne,

                                      bring changes of new being unto the earth,

                                      bring an episode from the past of man into the reality of the here and now,

                                      bring the reality of the scene for embedding into the consciousness of man,

                                      bring the activity of God into full partnership with His saints.

The clouds of conquest pose an instant dilemma for His favoured nation remaining in denial,

              His favoured nation outside the covering of grace,

              His favoured nation who has continued under law,

              His favoured nation who ignored the acceptance of the gentiles,

                                               who ignored the teachings of My disciples in the days that followed My resurrection,

                                               who ignored the apostle,

                                                            known as Saul of Tarsus,

                                                            becoming Paul under My call and tasking:

                                                    to thereby take unto the gentiles the salvation of the cross.

The clouds of conquest spell out the end of grace,

                                      spell out reliance on appeal before the mercy seat,

                                      spell out the commencement of procedures for the judgment of man,

                                      spell out the inauguration of the coming kingdom rule,

                                      spell out man’s coming accountability for his disposition arising from applying his agency of freewill.

The clouds of conquest combine and change,

                                      bring and transfer,

                                      hold and motivate.

The clouds of conquest find some astride the fence of faith,

                                      find some silenced midway through denial as their eyes behold,

                                      find some dancing with rejoicing in their hearts prepared and ready to join the bride,

                                      find some uncertain and hesitant as to their actual status,

                                      find some humble and still in penance as awe so fills their spirits and their souls,

                                      find some determined to protect their places and be right in the front.

The clouds of conquest shatter concepts of the future,

                                      shatter concepts born of man,

                                      shatter concepts of the idol worshippers,

                                      shatter concepts based on the irrelevance of sin,

                                      shatter concepts arising from the stargazers with the mind of man and ignorance of God,

                                      shatter concepts carrying the hopes of number crunchers to the exclusion of the seeking of God where it
                                                                                                                                   really matters.

The clouds of conquest cannot have their progress stopped by man,

                                      continue to unfurl the will and might of God until all is as it should be,

                                      continue to install the retinue of God in the location of great sanctity,

                                      continue bringing to completion the installation of The Son.

The clouds of conquest continue in visiting before resting,

                                                     in travelling with the dawning,

                                                     in uplifting the expectant,

                                                     in proceeding as foretold to the land of Abraham and the city of Zion.”

Scribal Note:

       Refer also to the 1st title on page 72 of His 2nd Book: ‘God Speaks in His Scrolls on The Website of The Lord’.

       And to the 2nd one ‘The End-time Clouds of God (2)’ on page 112 of His 4th Book: ‘God Speaks to His End-time Calls for Man’.

       And this the 3rd one on page 18 of His 6th Book ‘God Speaks for His Bride via The Clouds of Conquest’.

       These may also be searched and found upon His website: ‘The Website of The Lord’ under ‘clouds’.


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