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Blessed are They (16.9.13)

“Man sometimes acts as if his head is but a vacuum,

                                    as if its contents have been misplaced,

                                    as if its connections have burnt out.

Man sometimes moves as if in a daze,

                                      as if the quest with energy can no longer be assembled,

                                      as if the motivation no longer heeds the goal of life.

Man is not to burn out as a flattened battery,

        is not to be stilled as a bird nest fallen to the ground,

        is not to be treated as a mushroom so ending in a pan of surplus heat.

Man is destined for the greatest of great things,

        is equipped with foresight and with knowledge in the presence of his dwelling-place,

        can measure and consider both his ways and means,

        can evaluate and imagine the practicalities of what is and what is not,

        can build the constructions from his mind which impact on his environment.

Man can develop companionship and friendships,

        can set his sights on attaining the crossbars of achievement,

                                                        the peaks of his mountains or the tops of his hills –

                                  all which he desires to ascend or navigate as he encounters mortality in its fullness.

Man limits only himself by the presence or the absence of his vision,

                                        by the extent of his vision for his future,

                                        by the seizing of his vision and claiming it as his –

                                                     or by the dropping of his vision thereby so having it to fall upon the earth.

Man is well advised to consider all the implications of a vision not obtained,

                                                                                                     not developed,

                                                                                                     not sustained,

                                                                                                     not fulfilled.

              For then the life of man is empty,


                                                                     with his character undeveloped,

                                                                                                and his feelings all astray.

Man is not intended to live a life of disarray,

                                                     with his life surrendered to the winds of chance,

                                                     with his life tugged to and fro by forces outside his control.

Man is not intended to live as a canary in a cage.

Man is not intended to slave his life away in the absence of reward.

Man should search and accumulate,

        should leave a trail of satisfaction,

        should be on a growth path to perfection,

        should know the ways of happiness,

        should participate in the bounds of joy.

Man has a future laid for his acquisition,

                            set before him for his acceptance,

                                                      with the mapping clear and detailed,

                                                      with the promises waiting to be honoured,

                                                      with the places all prepared,

                                                      with the wonders of the garden laid out for a tour,

                                                      with family waiting to be joined,

                                                      with a welcome only awaiting the completion of the journey to a new beginning.

Man is in need of grasping the possibility of this concept existing just over the horizon of man.

Man has been repeatedly encouraged through his ages to commit to the faith required for action,

                                                                                                         to commit to a life of exploration,

                                                                                                         to become an active participant in the grand design for man.

Blessed are they who have come to know their God,

                           who have come to put a hand into a hand,

                           who have come to walk in the footsteps of The Lord,

                           who have come into an adopted filial relationship,

                           who have come unto discipleship by the God of wonders,

                                                                                                    of miracles,

                                                                                                    of love,

                                                                                                    of truth,

                                                                                                    of grace –

                                                                      all of which are marshalled for the undeserved benefit of man.

So sacrifice,




                             in accompanying worship,

                                           follow in the majesty the might the grandeur of The Living God –

                                                          as He directs His will unto the onward progression of man,

                                                                                                       as befitting him,

                                                                                                                            for dwelling in His presence.

Blessed are they who enter into the rest of God,

                                             for great will be their peace,

Blessed are they who seek,

                                             so to honour,

              The God of Abraham,

                                             for great is their reward in the sight of God.

Blessed are they who hold close to their hearts the sacred things of God:

                                             for such as they inherit their places set aside –

                                                          together with the bounty of the promises for the faithful and the true.

Blessed are they who persevere,

                           who understand,

                           who preserve the fear of God as emanating from their lives:

                                                                                           so holiness abounds with silence as its adjunct.

Blessed are they who show gratitude for the fall of grace upon their lives.

Blessed are they who daily walk in the favour of The Lord,

                                           as testimonies are evidenced,

                                           as testimonies are prepared within the heavens as a promise has forewarned,

                                           as the bride of Christ is preparing for her homecoming.”


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