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Life with The Lord (30.3.14)

“The sun rises and the sun sets yet life with The Lord goes on for ever.

The moon waxes and the moon wanes yet life with The Lord goes on for ever.

The earth heats and the earth cools yet life with The Lord goes on for ever.

The seas roll and the seas calm yet life with The Lord goes on for ever.

The winds blow and the winds calm yet life with The Lord goes on for ever.

Man lives and man dies yet life with The Lord goes on for ever.

Life with The Lord is the fulfilment of the destiny of man:

                                                   from the sacrifice which thwarted the Roman will;

                                                                                which thwarted the will of My people –

                                                                                          who should have known much better.

Life with The Lord is the alpha of man’s mortality,
                                is the omega of man’s eternity.

Life with The Lord cuts the devil out of contention,

                                lifts man right out of reach,

                                preserves man on the highest plane of life,

                                places man within the heavens where he was designed to be,

                                seats man on his throne achieved by grace.

Life with The Lord is where the synapses join together,

                                is where delays are removed,

                                is where thought achieves its victory.

Life with The Lord sees the melting of the pots,

                                sees the refining of the gold,

                                sees the reclaiming of the silver,

                                sees the gems unsheathed to gleam in all their glory,

                                sees the authority of God established beyond all doubt.

Life with The Lord relieves man’s boredom in mortality,

                                              his seeking of a change in scenery,

                                              his quest for experiences of interest which satisfy the call of memory.

Life with The Lord has no need of spit and polish,

                                has no need of drudgery,

                                has no need for the climbing of the ladders for a better view.

Life with The Lord follows a path of wonder filled with knowledge,

                                             a highway strengthened through wisdom,

                                             a star journey to the infinite –

                                                                                 where creation dwells.

Life with The Lord satisfies the wanderlust of man,

                                satisfies his heart’s desires,

                                satisfies his search for truth.

Life with The Lord is not stuck within a rut,

                                is not dressed as on a merry-go-round,

                                is not built on conceit.

Life with The Lord is a fanfare of exhilaration,

                                                   of achievement,

                                                   of expression and fulfilment,

                                                   of completeness of the purpose for a life.

Life with The Lord does not succumb to drowsiness,

                                does not succumb to tiredness,

                                does not succumb to that which tried the flesh of man.

Life with The Lord presents sensations to man,

                                presents vistas to man,

                                presents positions to man,

                                presents expansions to man,

                                presents thought to man,

                                presents conceptual truths to man,

                                presents the grandeur of the opened gates of heaven to man –

                                                                           now borne into his maturity of purpose,

                                                                           now birthed into the freedom of his functioning,

                                                                           now in the presence of The Loving God of man.”


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