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Of Teapots (5.1.14)

“The teapot of man will surpass the coffee cup of man.

The teapot of man does not instal a headache,

                              does not sensitize the flesh to pain,

                              does not bow to additives which twist to churn the flavour.

The teapot of man varies in capacity,

                              varies in its construct,

                              varies in its history –

                                                    is constant in its purpose.

The teapot of man satisfies the repetitive thirst of man,

                              satisfies the social order,

                              satisfies the beauty of the service.

The teapot of man does not attack the health of man,

                              does not go on the offensive in the search for man,

                              does not succumb to prices based on peer groups.

The teapot of man offers choice of origin,

                              offers choice in preparation,

                              offers choice in variations based on the desire for health.

The teapot of man can shine and gleam,

                              knows the presence of the silver and the gold,

                              knows the beauty crafted by the artisan,

                              knows the potter’s touch.

The teapot of man is at home within the warmth and cold,

                                                within the distant and the near,

                                                within the light and darkness.

The teapot of man draws and holds,

                               infuses and flavours,

                               brews and shares:

                                                the intent of hosts,

                                                the comforting of the lonely,

                                                the gathering of crowds –

                                                       where tongues speaking of the trivial and the serious are to the fore.

The teapot of man is present at lively conversations,

                                              at the decisions affecting policy,

                                              at the withdrawal of support,

                                              at the beginning of a commitment,

                                              at the end of an occasion,

                                              at the playing of a tune.

The teapot of man is present at the tea parties of man –

                                              at the grand and the common,

                                              at the expensive and the cheap,

                                              at the scarce and the prolific.

The teapot of man can deliver a mixture of his teas,

                              can deliver the purity of a singleton,

                              can deliver his choice with satisfaction.

The teapot of man can be treasured and retained,

                              can be displayed and out of use,

                              can be aged with the signs of familiarity,

                              can be honoured for the hours beheld in happiness,

                              can be discarded in the bin of shards.

The teapots of God do not emulate those of man.

The teapots of God dispense living water,

                                are valued and highly sought,

                                are widely spread and cherished:

                                                       within the oversight of God.

The teapots of God do not deal in mixtures,

                                keep the contents strained and pure,

                                share it with the thirsting –

                                                       all that they would drink.

The teapots of God are called and equipped:

                                travel and serve;

                                furnish and uphold;

                                                       that entrusted to their care.

The teapots of God do not mince their deliveries,

                                deliver as received:

                                                       that which is based upon the truth,

                                                       that which slakes the thirst of man,

                                                       that which emanates from the edifice of God.

The teapots of God carry the signature of God,

                                         the mark of God,

                                         the purity of God.

The teapots of God are filled with The Holy Spirit,

                                are carried by the boldness of The Holy Spirit,

                                bring the presence and the giftings of The Holy Spirit.

The teapots of God bring new life to man,

                                are the envoys of God –

                                         dispensing knowledge within wisdom with each tilting of the teapot:

                                                                       overflowing both the cup and the saucer –

                                                                                                    the spirit and the soul.

The teapots of God are never to be thrown away,

                                are being gathered in His garden:

                                         to attend the greatest ongoing tea party ever to be witnessed by a teapot.”


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