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The Arcaneness of Life (10.10.12)

“The arcaneness of life remains within the mysteries of God,

                                      is not for the dabbling of man despite the attraction,

                                                                                   despite the possibilities envisioned by man,

                                                                                   despite the willingness to fund with the likeliness of returns.

The arcaneness of life rests on a building block dependent on the spoken word of God,

                                    rests on the dressing gowns fitted for encapsulation,

                                    rests within the will of God.

The arcaneness of life appears before the eyes of man in all the glory befitting the will of God,

                                                                                  in all the glory due the variety as is becoming known,

                                                                             in all the glory of the niches where each feels so at home,

                                                                        in all the glory of the lifestyles imputed with permanence,

                                                                   in all the glory of establishments subject only to the imprint of the dominion of man.

The arcaneness of life succeeds and multiplies under the care of God,

                                    feeds and shelters according to the coat prescribed,

                                    lives and dwells according to the allotted time frame:

                                    within the space declared as both fit and worthy for existence.

The arcaneness of life can handle bumps and shoves and pushes below the thresholds of the damage lines of limit,

                                                                                       below the thresholds of destruction,

                                                                                       below the thresholds of extinction.

The arcaneness of life is not a hit and miss of God,

                                    is not a hit and miss of time,

                                    is not a hit and miss of interaction between the links of life subservient.

The arcaneness of life is a hit and miss within the exercising of the freewill of man:

                                                   with both the authority and the power denoting the scene of life protected for its season,

                                                               or the scene denoting its onset of finality under the immediacy of death.

The arcaneness of life does not exist in solitude of being,

                                    exists in the self-aware at levels unknown to man –

                                                                                he who has not befriended God.

The arcaneness of life carries the ultimate wonders of the universe,

                                    carries responsibilities to the wise as given with authority,

                                    carries the circumstances for the be-all and the end-all of existence,

                                    carries the potential for endless communion with God,

                                    carries the potential for the wise to gravitate beyond their present time frames of existence.

The arcaneness of life has the possibility of a carry over:

                                    has the probability based on the likelihood of achieving;

                                    has the promise dependent only on faith in support –

                                                                                        extending beyond the seating in a chair –

                                                                                        presenting for the seating in the heavens.

The arcaneness of life has a mystery within a mystery,

                                    has a mystery due for revealing in the end-time,

                                    has a mystery of great importance for attention:

                                                                           as to where man goes from here,

                                                                           as to how man goes from here to there,

                                                                           as to why man is encouraged to so make the jump,

                                                                           as to when the new beginning comes into effect.

The arcaneness of life is within the attendant care of God.”


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