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The Broken Spoke (13.4.14)

“The broken spoke is known to God,

                               is known to the wheel in the calling of support,

                               is part of a much greater object which is dependent on the well-being of each spoke.

The broken spoke buckled under pressure,

                              cracked because of tiredness,

                              went out of alignment through becoming worn-out by the time in service.

The broken spoke is easily found by an inspection,

                              is loose within the circle,

                              signs the need for help.

The broken spoke cannot be shored up,

                              cannot remain in use,

                              needs to be replaced.

The broken spoke no longer fits the rim,

                              has become completely unreliable,

                              knows the rim is deforming through the missing of support.

The broken spoke has lost the strength,

                              has been weakened by the travelling,

                              has failed the test of overcoming,

                              is soon to be discarded,

                              is soon to be jettisoned,

                              is soon to make room for a replacement.

The broken spoke hands over the reins of support,

                              has no longer the trust of the dependants,

                              is forced to vacate the position held for years.

The broken spoke cannot be repaired,

                              cannot be strengthened with a splint,

                              cannot be glossed over with some paint,

                              cannot be drilled and mended.

The broken spoke has come to the end of the days of service,

                              will be extracted from the sockets in pieces from the fracture,

                              will be scraped away entirely so no vestiges remain,

                              will see the dust and dirt blasted by the air-hose,

                              will lie within the pile of pieces unable to complain of the treatment meted out.

The broken spoke of metal is destined for recycling,

                                            will exist again in a different form,

                                            will have the value enhanced in the reborn presentation.

The broken spoke with a new beginning surveys the new found structure,

                                                                 looks with satisfaction at the fresh construction,

                                                                 examines closely the beauty and the grace,

                                                                 still remembers the origins with knowledge of the favoured place.

The broken spoke is set to be admired,

                              is set to be appreciated,

                              is set to function as intended.

The broken spoke is no longer recognized as such,

                              has gone through a transformation,

                              is better than before,

                              has a new destiny as planned by the designer,

                              has a new outlook on the functioning as a result of the creator.

The broken spoke which once was not,

                                                 was so,

                                                 is now to live again in a different form,

                                                 is more valuable than ever,

                                                 takes more joy with satisfaction at the changes wrought by a loving craftsman –

                                                                                                                                               the master of perfection.

The broken spoke is no longer known as such,

                              has been given a new name,

                              is seen to gleam bedecked in silver and in gold,

                              is seen to have a covering secured from the wealth of ages,

                              is seen with the gems sent ahead from where the lifetime of existence was created,

                                                    stored up ready for the linkings to be placed upon a gown –

                                                                a gown which reflects the sparkling and the sheen –

                                    those accumulated from much time spent as a spoke within a wheel –

                                                                with all that which was enabled to be achieved by the faithfulness of service.

The broken spoke is welcomed as a child of God

The broken spoke is now within the realm of a kingdom greatly sought after:

                                                                                                by those who fell upon the way,

                                                                                                               who did not seek,

                                                                                                               who did not complete,

                                                                                                               who did not accept the offering of grace.

The broken spoke is now as a white swan:

                                                   dwelling within the grace and favour of the master craftsman who has made such so.

The broken spoke of man is enveloped in the transforming love –

                                                          which brings forth the glory of each valued body,


                                                                                                                            and spirit,

                                                                                                                         into a destiny with The King of kings;

                                                          the destiny where the anointed kings and queens are showered with the promises –

                                                                                        as they enter into their inheritance with God.”


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