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The Bubbling Brook (4.2.14)

“The bubbling brook makes a noise acceptable to man –

                  without expression of meaning except to announce a presence:

                                                                                                    a presence which may quench a thirst,

                                                                                                    a presence which may supply a wash,

                                                                                                    a presence which may justify a bathe,

                                                                                                    a presence which may justify a home;

                                                                                        acceptable to birds and animals –

                   without expression of meaning other than to indicate an opportunity:

                                                                                                        an opportunity for the slaking of a thirst,

                                                                                                        an opportunity for the proximity of food,

                                                                                                        an opportunity as a gathering place for predators,

                                                                                                        an opportunity for caution to prevail –

                                                                                                                 when the air is tainted with unfriendly noise.

The bubbling brook is silenced by a freeze,

                                                              is active in a thaw;

                                 is silenced by a drought,

                                                              is active in the wet;

                                 is silenced in a marsh,

                                                              is active when alone;

                                 is silenced by meandering,

                                                              is active on a busy flow of urgency.

The bubbling brook of nature and the bubbling brook of man can both carry water,

                                                                                                   can both satisfy a thirst,

                                                                                                   can both take a life.

The bubbling brook of nature carries water on its runway to the sea,

                                                carries water for the thirst of all who would stop at times to drink,

                                                carries water for frolicking and play,

                                                carries water for the plants’ dependency and for the plants of industry.

The bubbling brook of man can carry water to where it’s needed,

                                             can carry water every day for the thirsty and the dry,

                                             can carry water to maintain life in all its many forms.

The bubbling brook of man can overflow the mouth,

                                             can overflow the tongue,

                                             can overflow the ears of man.

The bubbling brook of man can know the bounding of great joy yet be saying very little worth remembering.

The bubbling brook of man can,

                                                   in wisdom,

                                                                 bring the living water,

                                             can bring the water which satisfies a seeking thirsty spirit,

                                                                             which satisfies an enquiring soul,

                                                                             which is served from a cup full to the brim –

                                                                                                         seen to have overflowed –

                                                                                                  as a testimony is shared and wonders are exclaimed.

The bubbling brook of man,

                                             with wisdom on his lips,

                                                                 carries that which should be known to man,

                                                                             that which should be known to families,

                                                                             that which should be known as the visions for the nations.

The bubbling brook of man,

                                             with Godly wisdom on his tongue,

                                                                 can bring knowledge for the end time of man;

                                                                 can bring the gifts of the Holy Spirit;

                                                                 can bring the promise* of The Father;

                                                                 can testify of being in the presence of The Living God;

                                                                 can testify of how Jesus has changed a life within freewill,

                                                                                                         a life within the spiritual,

                                                                                                         a life within mortality:

                                                                                                                 seated with a viewpoint of eternity,

                                                                                                                 seated with a royal inheritance,

                                                                                                                 seated in the presence of The King

                                                                                                                         who overcame the cross of man.

The bubbling brook of man carries the bubbling living water in preparation for faith to introduce the miracles,

                                                                                                         for faith to circumscribe the devil,

                                                                                                         for faith to justify in righteousness:

                                                                                                            as an integrated relationship with God is born.

             So the blessings of God impact on the life of man.

             So the grace of God wipes clean the sin of man.

             So the redeeming power of God calls those –

                                                                      who once were sinners –

                                                                                  home into His presence.

             So the glory of God is shared as an inheritance:

                                                      for those who would profess in truth to be counted as His bride.

             So the destiny of man is re-opened in all its fulness –

                                                      in fulfilling the new covenantal purpose of the cross.

             So the sanctity of God becomes the sanctity of man.”

Scribal Note: *The Bible, Joel 2:28-29




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