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The Change of God (22.9.12)

“The change of God knows the storehouse of the wealth of God.

The change of God knows no beginning and no end,

                                knows not the spiral of inflation,

                                knows not the need for acquisition,

                                knows not the need to barter over price.

The change of God is present in His Kingdom,

                                is present in the heavens,

                                will become spread throughout the earth.

The change of God measures the wisdom of the spirit of man:

                                                                tracks each exchange of progress;

                                                                tracks each exchange of benefit;

                                                                tracks the measure so attained.

The change of God is sought and wrought.

The change of God sees the growth within His family,

                                sees their development in knowledge,

                                sees the increase in their power of application.

The change of God is not competitive,

                                is private to each spirit,

                                is expressed within each life. 

The change of God does not repeat the race already won.

The change of God manifests for good within His bride,

                                manifests in service to one another,

                                manifests in the presence of the thrones,

                                manifests at the bench of justice,

                                manifests in the wearers of the gowns with the taskings of The Lord.

The change of God qualifies the merciful and the merciless,

                                qualifies the judges and the appellants,

                                qualifies the records with the judgments.

The change of God is a measure of maturity in God,

                                has contentment at the value presently attained,

                                has no maximum or minimum,

                                has no levels with steps of graduation,

                                has neither a pass-rate nor a failure.

The change of God ensures progression is smooth in honouring,

                                         so none are overlooked in the privacy of quietness,

                                         so all may celebrate expansion within the will of God.

The change of God supplies wisdom for the spirit and the soul,

                                         so their service may be complete in unity,

                                                      may uphold the edifice of God,

                                                      may be at home within the patterning of God.”


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