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The Chaperone of Life (12.4.14)

“Preventing obsolescence is the thumbprint of creation,

                                          is the hallmark of design,

                                          is the achievement of God.

Preventing obsolescence requires foreknowledge of the impinging parameters,

                                                                               of the states of flux,

                                                                               of the susceptibilities –

                                                                               of the fatalities –

                                                                                                  in the skirmishes with time,

                                                                               of the interweaving of all the paths of life:

                                                                                                  where each of these is knowing where to start –

                                                                                                                                with the myriads of settings –

                                                                                                                    by the chaperone of life.

Preventing obsolescence requires designing for the interacting impact of life on life,

                                                                                                        of life on the environment,

                                                                                                        of life on the food chain,

                                                                                                        of the sequences of predation,

                                                                                                        of external and internal forces as they come into play with
                                                                                                                                               climate to the fore;

                                                                    where the feedback loops need security of existence –

                                                                         for servicing the progressive reversal of effects on similar circumstances –

                                                                                                        where the food chain preferentially plays with life,

                                                                                                        where the environment determines the survival of life,

                                                                                                        where predation is excessive,

                                                                                                        where the climate is an enemy rather than a friend.

Preventing obsolescence necessitates the storing of resources,

                                        implies considerations implicit in concepts of renewal –

                                                                             essential to meet the future needs of life:

                                                                                                   within the framework of the existence of progression.

Preventing obsolescence expires at the use-by date;

                                                     when exhaustion wins the day;

                                                     when the setting for life approaches the ultimate goal of life,

                                                     when life as known is set to advance past its present being,

                                                     when life in all its majesty leans on the chaperone of life –

                                                                                                          to lead the way into a new beginning.

The chaperone of life is far-sighted,

                                   is far-reaching,

                                   is far-defining,

                                   is far-encompassing,

                                   is far-fetching,

                                   is far-establishing across a great divide.

The chaperone of life is far-forgiving as He loads the ark of life –

                                                                           with the ones prepared for a journey with the stars.

The chaperone of life does not retreat,

                                    does not stumble,

                                    does not forget commitments,

                                    does not dishonour the promises to life.

The chaperone of life is the champion of all in need of champions;

                                   is the rescuer of all in need of rescuing;

                                   is the provider of all in need of provisioning;

                                   is the only available springboard of all in need of diving to immersion;

                                   is the only safe haven of those in need of shelter from the coming storm;

                                   is the guide and the protector of those who choose to walk within His footsteps.

The chaperone of life waits patiently for the stragglers;

                                    waits encouragingly for the debaters;

                                    waits for those in preparation while intent still blooms;

                                    waits for those who gather to complete their procedures at the check-in:

                                                                                                                 for the preservation of a life;

                                    waits for imperfections at the check-in to be dealt with as declared;

                                    waits for the guardian of the journey to signal the embarkation.

The Chaperone of life speaks to His charges:

                                                              those placed within His care,

                                                              those for whom He has assumed responsibility,

                                                              those for whom He will account at the table of the testimonies,

                                                              those who sprint to catch the bus,

                                                              those who have booked their tickets on a train,

                                                              those who would participate in a flight to an amazing destination.

The Chaperone of life was qualified under extreme duress;

                                     overcame what was seen as a defeat;

                                     arose to announce the victory;

                                     invites participation;

                                     seeks for all to join Him;

                                     is the only point of access;

                                     knows the benefits awaiting.

The Chaperone of life is not difficult to find;

                                    already has a following;

                                                 has room for many more;

                                                 has places readied for the living;

                                                 has an inheritance on offer;

                                                 has an inspirational family;

                                                 has a future of great certainty:

                                                 has set the tableau fit for kings and queens.”


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