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The Discourses of Man (6.2.14)

“The discourses of man rarely see the interaction of like minds,

                                       mostly see the conflict of ideas poorly researched to be passed off as factual points,

                                       sometimes see attached the bigot and the debater –

                                                                                       one upon a soapbox –

                                                                                       one standing in an allotted slot:

                                                                                                  only one convinced of their positions.

The discourses of man do not resolve the conflicts in belief,

                                     do not resolve the presence of God,

                                     do not resolve the denial of God,

                                     do not resolve the querying of a multitude of gods.

The discourses of man reinforce the stance of individuals,

                                     reinforce the statements borne as testimonies,

                                     reinforce the statements presented as declarations concerning the existence of God,

                                                                                                             concerning the presence of many gods,

                                                                                                             concerning the fate of God:

                                                                                                                                     within the life of man.

The discourses of man showcase man’s unwillingness to accept a God with dominion over man,

                                                                                      with the power of creation within His abilities,

                                                                                      with the concept of redemption for man,

                                                                                      with the imparting of grace to man,

                                                                                      with the forming of relationships with man,

                                                                                      with the preserving of the freewill of man,

                                                                                      with the preparing for those who choose to be in the family of God.

The discourses of man leave unresolved the questions of idolatry as addressed to man,

                                                                 the questions of life itself and how its initial existence came to be,

                                                                 the questions of death with any follow-on,

                                                                 the questions of life with understanding continuing beyond the grave,

                                                                 the questions of whether the self-awareness of man includes repentance for the sin
                                                                                                                                 if extending past the mortality of man,

                                                                 the questions of the significance of the spirit and the soul and how they interact.

The discourses of man formulate the questions,

                                     formulate the answers without the ring of truth which would convict the soul,

                                     formulate the posits which lead only to despair –

                                                                 when seen governing solely in the presence of the ethics of man.

The discourses of man entangle man’s ethics with God’s morality,

                                     choose to ignore the differences of significance,

                                     choose to ignore the wisdom of God in selecting the stupidity of man,

                                     choose to ignore the accountability of man,

                                     choose to ignore the likelihood of there being ‘good’ and ‘evil’,

                                     choose to ignore The Living God’s declaration of the only way to God –

                                                                               as set for the discipleship of man,

                                     choose to ignore the uniqueness of The Loving God –

                                                                               to so settle for the religions of man bred in ignorance –

                                                                                   so destined to enslave until the finality of the grave.

The discourses of man are constructs within man’s reasoning,

                                     are adjuncts to man’s philosophies,

                                     are recipes for despair:

                                              as personal ethics lead man to where there are no cultural personal rights or wrongs –

                                              as differing cultures settle on different norms in the absence of The Moral God.

The discourses of man turn their backs on history:

                                     greet the shallow and the imperfect in a theory which is selective in its examples,

                                                                                                             which is selective in its reproducibility,

                                                                                                             which fails to answer the initiation of life,

                                                                                                             which fails to address within reality the construction
                                                                                                                                of the cell of life –

                                                                                                                             with its ultimate simplicity.

The discourses of God have answers to the questions posed,

                                     have answers based on the truth of ages,

                                     have answers which give hope,

                                     have answers which prevent despair,

                                     have answers giving meaning to the reality of life,

                                     have answers requiring the preparation of man so to be counted among the bride of Christ,

                                     have answers which signpost the turning points of life.

The discourses of God see the works of God abounding,

                                     see the shepherding of God installed,

                                     see the guidance of God in effect,

                                     see the gifts of God bestowed,

                                     see the wisdom of God overcoming folly,

                                     see the approaching end time tribulation long foretold,

                                     see the importance to God of a growing relationship with man.”


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