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The Ear of God (12.10.12)

“The ear of God is always listening for man,

                           is always attuned to man,

                           is always prepared to answer within the wisdom of God.

The ear of God holds the confidences of man.

The ear of God attributes meaning to the disjointed,

                         discerns the nervous and the new,

                         receives the call to speech in all the tongues of man.

The ear of God is not deaf:

                         hears all that is intended,

                         hears all which is unintended,

                         has the wisdom to discern the difference.

The ear of God is multi-directional,

                         has no need for the amplified,

                         can hear the whisper as easily as the shout,

                         can separate the hate from the love,

                         can verify the sounds of love even when disguised,

                         knows the sounds of hate which carry right across the earth in the fury of intent.

The ear of God is the listening post for man,

                         is the listening post serving the welfare of the saints of God,

                         is the listening post sensitive to a call for help,

                         is the listening post which does not suffer from a power cut,

                         is the listening post which sorts the intonations within the rush hours of the calls to God.

The ear of God monitors the speech patterns originating from man,

                                                                        being sent to man,

                                                                        being received by man,

                                                                        being rejected by man:

                          all being recorded later to be heard when in the midst of conflict,

                                                                                   when in the presence of a memory filled with uncertainty,

                                                                                   when the reality of truth is doubted –

                                                                                                 readied for dismissal by the will of man.

The ear of God is not prone to errors,

                         is accurate and true,

                         is sensitive and grounded,

                         is free from static and from hum,

                         is protected from a feedback loop,

                         is of great dynamic range,

                         knows all the decibels of man within the broadband of his voice,

                                                                                             of his instruments,

                                                                                             of his songs with purpose in the process of conveying.

The ear of God hears with special interest all the tongues of His Spirit,

                                                                    all the two way components building meaning,

                                                                    all the counselling and the modifiers,

                                                                    all the seeking of the meaning and all the yawns at ease.

The ear of God interprets and translates the word to God received from man,

                                                                 the word of God sent to man:

                                                                 the word enclosed in a relationship,

                                                                 the word in depth of meaning,

                                                                 the word despatched as a pearl of wisdom,

                                                                 the word for insight and discovery,

                                                                 the word with love and certainty –

                                                                 the word of God sent voyaging to the selected ears of man.

The ear of God is not a garbage bin for gibberish,

                         is not a rubbish tin for the inane,

                         is not a sorting box to be filled with the rejection notes of man.

The ear of God is an avenue of blessing in the life of man,

                         is the lake front where the ripples meet the shore,

                         is the tree where rustling moves the leaves,

                         is the entry point of access for the soundings sent by man,

                         is where My Spirit whispers gently with the requests of man.

The ear of God hearkens to the cry of pain sensed within an instant,

                                        to the cry building with the passing of time,

                                        to the cry beseeching in the urgent need for help,

                                        to the cries of His people with knowledge of their God.

The ear of God listens to the sounds of gratitude,

                                    to the sounds of praise,

                                    to the sounds of worship,

                                    to the sounds pleasing to His ear,

                                    to the sounds not in the presence of the idols.

The ear of God is listening for the sounds of His saints,

                                                  the sounds of His people,

                                                  the sounds of His sheep:

                                 in their travels back and forth upon the earth;

                                 in their postings to an outpost of The Lord;

                                 in their presenting at a station for a season decreed by God;

                                 in their time of hosting My Spirit in a temple;

                                 in the will of God testifying of the blood-bought grace –

                                                                               as evidenced within each life of faith.

The ear of God is listening to the multitudes for acknowledgement of a soul desiring answers,

                                                                                               of a body seeking God,

                                                                                               of a spirit determined to attain the releasing of his soul –

                                                                                                                    into the freedom of the light.

The ear of God answers queries of sincerity to do with man subscribing to the new covenant with God.”


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