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The Fruit of My Church (11.4.14)

“The fruit of My church sees the end-time harvest in its startling fullness,

                                                                                 in its coming variety,

                                                                                 in the end-time throngs who crowd the entry ways in queues.

The fruit of My church sanctions busyness with celebrations,

                                      greets busyness with appreciation,

                                      welcomes busyness as a testing of the preparations.

The fruit of My church is that hanging from the lowest branches,

                                      is the most easily found to be within the reach of loving hands,

                                      is the most readily absorbed into My body of believers.

The fruit of My church in hanging from the higher branches is more difficult to select,

                                                                                                 often needs an appointment to get attention,

                                                                                                 often refuses the heart permission to obey,

                                                                                                 sometimes marks a territory which is not to be usurped.

The fruit of My church from the highest of the high influences the subservient on the lower branches,

                                                                                   has first option to corral the light,

                                                                                   has the best position for the spreading of the wings,

                                                                                   has the opportunity to see beyond the station of security and those who
                                                                                                                                                         witness of the benefits of change.

The fruit of My church from the highest of the high needs to be taught a lot,

                                                                                   queries all that which is heard and not attributed,

                                                                                   holds close a heart of scepticism,

                                                                                   makes a commitment with understanding at the start of entering that perceived
                                                                                                                                                                                as a one-way street.

The fruit of My church from the highest of the high often comes with a retinue complete,

                                                                                   often comes with a family in tow,

                                                                                   often comes under the call of friendship already built on trust.

The fruit of My church welcomes the faces of the strangers,

                                                       the forerunners of their people,

                                                       the assessors and reporters of all they find and do.

The fruit of My church keeps a tidy well trimmed vineyard,

                                                                                   where the vines are vigorous and grow both day and night,

                                                                                   where the branches all are fruitful and fully laden with the weight.

The fruit of My church stands for inspection by the vinedresser;

                                      absorbs the counselling from a friend to adjust the posture,

                                                                                                  the conditions,

                                                                                  the bedding in of a vine seeking to establish fresh roots of companionship –

                                                                                                                                                                 within a row of neighbours.

The fruit of My church is tended lovingly;

                                      is filled with wonder;

                                      is valued for each contribution;

                                      is sought out to be engaged in conversation;

                                      is listened to so carefully as understanding is imparted;

                                      is seated and supplied –

                                                               soon to feel at home;

                                      is not neglected –

                                                               so to wither and depart for the continuing of the search.

The fruit of My church should garner authenticity,

                                      should tread cautiously around uncertainty,

                                      should verify the initial resolve leading to commitment.

The fruit of My church should be coming to the boil with a full head of steam,

                                      should have long passed the stage of simmering,

                                      should have long forsaken a time of coldness which casts a shadow filled with ice.

The fruit of My church should be a joy to watch:

                                                                     in accessing the chattering and the smiles,

                                                                     in observing the greetings of sincerity,

                                                                     in hearing the signs of laughter denoting friendship,

                                                                     in being comforted by the temporary farewells of cheeriness –

                                                                                                                                      within friendships well established,

                                                                     in the ministering of grace as the fruit of sacrifice plucks another soul,

                                                                                                                                                     preserves another spirit,

                                                                                              from the ramifications of being found within the gates of hell.

The fruit of My church witnesses the growth spurts and the flowering of the vine:

                                      witnesses the season of the fruiting of the branches;

                                      witnesses the season of the ripenings with promise;

                                      witnesses the season of maturity as foretold to be valued within the storehouse;

                                                      the season when the fruit as gathered is destined to be called for,

                                                                                                                  is destined to be tasked,

                                                                                                 as the fruit is seen to enter the season of being used by God.

The fruit of My church functions best when in deployment,

                                      functions best when enthusiastic,

                                      functions best where signs and wonders with the miracles prevail –

                                                                                                 in the lifetime of the fruit filled with My ministry at large.

The fruit of My church has a scope which astounds in size;

                                      has a vision of far-reaching significance for bunches;

                                      has grace in abundance waiting to be apportioned –

                                                                     there to magnify and bless all those within the cloud-burst of salvations;

                                                                                                                              within the thunder storms of saturations:

                                                             with My Spirit shining on the promises found in the fruit-filled new beginnings –

                                                                                                                                                      as each rises in the dawn.

The fruit of My church knows the prayers of unity,

                                      knows the prayers bringing glory to The Son,

                                      knows the prayers begetting miracles within the will of God,

                                      knows the prayers for the needy and the dispossessed,

                                      knows the prayers for cities and for nations,

                                      knows the changes evidenced with the breaking of the strongholds which so imprison the activities of man.

The fruit of My church is the basis of My bride,

                                      is the gatherer of jewels,

                                      is the storer of the wealth beyond the grave,

                                      is the preparer for abiding in the presence of God –

                                                        where time is a servant offering the options rather than a master imposing limits,

                                                        where the promises –

                                                                              the inheritance of the saints –

                                                                                                                are disbursed,

                                                        where the gowns of life are worn bedecked in all their beauty –

                                                                                                                             as they testify of journeys in mortality.”


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