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The Fruit of The Bride (20.12.13)

“The fruit of the bride is in her growth of like with like:

                                        in her boldness of the proclamation of her faith,

                                        in her committing to the testimonies of the truth,

                                        in her prayers for healings so placing miracles before the souls of man,

                                        in her sincerest efforts to spread the good news of the word of The Lord,

                                        in her welcoming all that grace unfolds in the presence of My Spirit.

The fruit of the bride sees the spiritual merge into the secular,

                                   sees hope arise in strength of purpose and of numbers,

                                   sees faith deployed in a commitment to a selected destiny,

                                   sees the groundswell of opinion lead to a mighty roar –

                                           as the pride is marshalled to stand forth as the family of God under the headship of The Lion,

                                   sees the effects of grace moving among those lives empowered by the acceptance of My Spirit with His gifts,

                                   sees the blessings of God fall upon those in preparation for the end-times –

                                                                                                         such as come in all their fullness,

                                                                                                             unhindered and remorseless,

                                                                  far beyond the reach of the gales born of false prophecy to besiege the church.

The fruit of the bride ripens with maturity:

                                                        opening at the bud-burst,

                                                        developing at the table of the kingdom’s fare,

                                                        scattering its seeds of glory over the thresholds of many homes,

                                                                                                    in the souls of many seeking to be free,

                                                                                                    on the spirits of those with an inkling of what could lie in store.

The fruit of the bride is the result of truth in action,

                                                      of relationships lasting past the introduction,

                                                      of mentoring which increases the yield down through the generations,

                                                      of storage where damage is not possible,

                                                                       where beauty is beheld,

                                                                       where glory is encapsulated within the word made known.

The fruit of the bride does not lie and rot,

                                   does not ferment and stain,

                                   does not wither and decay,

                                   does not usurp and capture,

                                   does not strip and search,

                                   does not molest and harm,

                                   does not infringe on the righteousness of God.

The fruit of the bride is in accord with the fruit of My Spirit,

                                   is existing for the onward benefit of man,

                                   is counted as it honours,

                                   is stored in safety as the record mounts,

                                   is lauded by the angels as alignment is attained with the will of God,

                                   is held in trust within a storehouse of great value –

                                                                                          there assigned to each gown partnering in the gathering of life.”


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