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The Gethsemane of The Christ (17.12.13)

“The Gethsemane of The Christ is a time of consummation,

                                                    is a time of holiness before The Father,

                                                    is a time of preparation for the deliverance of man into the hands of grace,

                                                    is a time of the discerning of the time of man coinciding with the time of Heaven,

                                                    is a time of confirming The Father’s sacrifice,

                                                    is a time of seeking readiness to be enshrouded in a shroud,

                                                    is a time for Heaven to soon touch The Earth –

                                                                                     to soon touch man with faith wedded to his salvation,

                                                                                     to soon touch man with a new covenant of redemption,

                                                                                     to soon touch man with the rending of the curtain in birthing a new relationship,

                                                                                     to soon touch man with The Holy Spirit,

                                                                                     to soon touch the tabernacles of The Patriarchs with uncertainty,

                                                                                     to soon touch the new temples arising from the cross.

The Gethsemane of The Christ is the outpouring of the ages,

                                                  is the decision point of validation for the repentant sinner,

                                                  is the inflowing of the enabling of the reconciliation of man with his God,

                                                  is the life event where the incarnation of God as man is set to resolve the eternity of man,

                                                  is the ultimate salutation of tuition in resolution,

                                                  is the implosion point of love embarking on an appointment to address the sins of man.

The Gethsemane of The Christ cries out to man from the past into the present:

                                                   seeks not to have been in vain,

                                                   seeks fulfilment of the prime directive in the hearts of man,

                                                   seeks to place the fear of God above the idolatry abroad upon The Earth,

                                                   seeks to impart wisdom built upon the knowledge soon revealed,

                                                   seeks man to dwell in preparation with the gifts of The Spirit,

                                                   seeks eternity to be filled with The Stars of God,

                                                   seeks the grave to no longer signify the death knell of the body and the spirit as the soul would enter
                                                                                                                                                                                                  into Hell.”


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