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The Golden Bow of God (19.10.12)

“The golden bow of God is carried by the archer on the white horse,

                                         is carried for a purpose,

                                         is carried with a goal in mind,

                                         is carried across the lands for conquest.

The golden bow is carried by the rider seeking companionship in deeds,

                                                              seeking companionship in understanding,

                                                              seeking wisdom to the fore,

                                                              seeking the arrows known to fit the bow,

                                                              seeking the arrows which look like sharpened spears readied for a conquest.

The golden bow is the release point for each arrow,

                           is the aim of righteousness released,

                           is the aim of justice dwelling under the flag of The Kingdom,

                           is the aim of peace as righteousness goes before,

                           is the aim of honour with the establishment of truth,

                           is the aim of Kingdom sentinels as The Edifice arrives,

                           is the aim of Kingdom living as The Fire does spread throughout the harvest.

The golden bow is not short of strength,

                           is not short of power,

                           is not short of targets.

The golden bow travels with certainty of conviction:

                           travels the four corners of the earth,

                           travels all the hinterlands,

                           travels the distant islands of the seas.

The golden bow is neither dropped nor lost,

                           is often bent not broken,

                           has stringing often singing when charging into The Spirit’s wind.

The golden bow is strengthened with The Spirit’s gifts in use,

                           is strung with the vibrancy of The Tongues of The Spirit immersed in prayer,

                           is hallowed by the rider on the white horse at pace across the lands.

The golden bow empowers to enrich,

                           imparts to implode,

                           recycles to restore.

The golden bow is on a ride to vanquish,

                           is carried by the valiant,

                           is girded by the garments soaked with worship,

                           is whitened by the purity within,

                           is uplifted by the hymns ascribed in praise.

The golden bow fulfils the purpose for its season under heaven,

                           succeeds in its being on a steed,

                           acclaims the targets as selected and how they come to change.

The golden bow approves the messaging of the targets,

                           approves the ability of the arrows to convey all of the intent,

                           approves the accuracy of implanting firstly into the spirit and then into the soul so the shell may move.

The golden bow is the messaging received directly from God:

                               the messaging with wisdom,

                               the messaging with knowledge,

                               the messaging declaring the prime directive:

                                                                     to each man of God among the fields of man.”


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